OK wow this last week or so has just been so crazy!Lets begin...
So Thursday the 25th February was the last time i think i had a decent
nights sleep, OK OK so that whole week up til Thursday was a tiresome
one too i guess, as Aidan was cutting his first molar EEEKK! Then
Thursday came and he had cut the tooth = good sleep that evening.
Little did i know that the very next day would be the start of yet another
sleepless cycle as Aidan started getting snotty and sneezy, well we
didn't think to much of this as this was his usual thing after cutting
teeth, so we dosed up with ponstan suppositories to help with the pain
and waited it out... Saturday was no different, he didn't seem neither
better nor worse so with a dose of panado this time we wait again, once
again we wake up to an uptight child however he still was no worse for
wear, but then Sunday evening rolled around and he seemed to be
developing a cough that sounded kind of like an old dog barking(but
still no temp and the cough didn't seem to be happening to much, just
every so often... Monday morning(morning before Aidan's first birthday)
he starts with a "strider"(severe wheezing)so we drag ourselves out of
bed and cart him off to the doctor,feeling slightly stupid all the while
as the wheezing has cooled off to barely a grumble and he still has no
Doc examines and find that his chest is tight and that his snot nose has turned from a clear slimy substance to a luminescent green
and pouring out of him at a rate of knots... "Your son has mild flu
with a very minor chest infection- this is why his snot is green, here
are his antibiotics..."
"well thank you doctor, so he'll be OK soon?"

Well to say the least he didn't! in fact that very afternoon his wheezing reached an all time high and he was finding it
extremely difficult to breathe (now this was terribly distressing for me
especially as i had been the one who had been without sleep during this
whole fiasco and staying up with Aidan making sure he was alright) so
after a call to the baby clinic and being advised that we should rather
bring him into casualty to have him looked at as the wheezing was
getting worse be the minute, we then pile back into the car for a drive
that seemed to last a lifetime with each frantic breathe taken(to note:
we live 5min away from the hospital)we arrive at 4.15pm and wait another
5min for the doctor to come see us, in the mean time Aidan has his
blood pressure monitored and the nurse fills out the details for the
He FINALLY arrives(he really was only five min but that felt like a whole other lifetime for me) and by now I'm ready to just
burst into tears(this is hard to see as this is the child who has NEVER
been sick before...NEVER! coupled with the tiredness i was just
shattered, we sit with the doctor and the first thing' he says is "WOW
that is some serious breathing issue there,and all you came in for was
his sore lip?"
"UUUUMM, I'm sorry what? uh no we definitely came in for the breathing... his sore lip has nothing to do with why we are
here..." apparently the lovely nurse placed on his forms that he seemed
to have "the herpes virus on his bottom lip" which was not at all the
case, the evening before he was busy chasing the dog around the house
when he lost his balance and bit his lip in the process...WONDERFUL!!!
could you not hear the reason for being here, i mean anyone in a 5 mile
radius could tell what the problem was...
We then get asked if we had taken him to a doctor and we promptly tell him about our morning visit
to another doctor's rooms and inform him of what the outcome was... "My
dear your child does not have flu... he has croup, we need to give him a
quaterzone injection and need to put him on an adrenaline/saline
nebulise and we will continue to monitor him... well this freaked me out
BIG TIME! anyway after about two doses on the nebuliser Aidan still
wasn't sounding to good so the doctor said he was going to refer him to
one of the paeds, and wait for it.... we also had to admit him into
hospital so that they could monitor him through the night and continue
with the meds...
WOW what a SHOCK it now dawned on me the severity of it all, oh and the fact that we would spend Aidan's first birthday at
the same place we were exactly one year ago, albeit for another
reason...sad considering we were going to go to the aquarium... well
after going into the childrens ward and having his next bout of
nebulising we only realise then that it was already 7.30pm and now had
to quickly jump into action as to supper plans and organising bags etc
so Andrew and i rush off (leaving Aidan with one of the nurses we end up
calling Gogo- this was very hard for us as it all happened so fast)to
MacDonald's for dinner then home quickly where i jump in the shower then
pack a bag for Aidan and i, we then rush back, to find most of the ward
is in silence and all kids in their bed/cot except for our little
fighter he is still firmly hanging onto Gogo...i grab Aidan and of to
our ward we go, that night= more sleeplessness as we nebulise him every
1/2 hour then onto every hour then every 2 hours etc... long night
ahead... however half way through the night Aidan is sounding
considerably better and we anxiously await the rounds in the morning to
find out if we would be discharged or not, daddy comes in at round
7.30am with Aidan's pressies and we all sing happy birthday to
him...(what a way to spend it hey?)

8am draws near and Aidan goes for x-rays to see how he is doing, and now we wait (AGAIN) till
rounds,Dr Omar comes in, and tells us he is pleased with Aidan's
breathing and shows us the x-ray and points out that his airway is open
very nicely and how pleased he is with the way the meds helped , we then
get told he has mild bronchitis but that we can go home!!! YAY!!!

Aidan then spent the rest of the week getting better and was well enough to
continue with the party on Saturday, which i think just topped his week
for him as h
e was allowed to do as he pleased and what he pleased

himself with was all the tasty treats he could eat, he spe
nt 2 hours in
one position eating everything he could find...

"All i can say is WE SURVIVED!!!"

Croup is a group of respiratory diseases that often affect infants and children[1] under age 6. It is
characterized by a barking cough; a whistling, obstructive sound
(stridor) as the child breathes in; and hoarseness due to obstruction in
the region of the larynx. It may be mild, moderate or severe, and
severe cases, with breathing difficulty, can be fatal if not treated in a
hospital.[2] Another type of croup is known as spasmodic croup. People
with spasmodic croup first catch a cold, rarely with fever, and then
the croupy cough begins. In some cases spasmodic croup may begin
suddenly without any preceding cold symptoms. Unlike viral croup,
spasmodic croup usually recurs, and can occur in older children, and

rarely even in adults. Spasmodic croup is thought to be related to

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