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What makes beauty? Is it just a pretty face? They say beauty is only skin deep. Yet is that true? I believe that our outer beauty is a greatly affected by, and a reflection of our inner beauty. I've seen my skin red, splotchy, broken out, oily, etc. During the times when I had these skin issues, stress was an every day issue for me. Life choices stressed me out, a lack of sleep, overwork, and unhealthy eating habits all contributed to stress. Learning to eat healthier will help your weight, energy level and these will increase a youthful look on your skin! A healthy amount of sleep will gain you a better attitude and outlook on life, decreased stress and an energy boost to name a few! Learning to not stress is probably one of the hardest things to change. Being stressful or at peace is a choice we make. Making the right choice is difficult, but very important. You will be happier with yourself, others will want to be around you more (and know your secret LOL), your family will be the most grateful! Overwork is a very common issue. Sometimes there isn't much we can do, the work must be done. Other times I believe we place more work on ourselves because we feel like we should do more, others might not accept us if we don't have the whole house clean and tidy, etc. Don't put those thoughts and actions into play. Each of us can only do what we can do. We all are in a different "season" than the other. My mother in law always says to me (when I mention a messy house) "If I wanted to see a clean house, I'd call and make an appointment." Now that we've covered a lot of inner beauty issues, I will go over a few outer beauty tips. Cosmetics with chemicals, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, etc. will clog your pores and damage your skin. Many will make you break out, dry out or oil you up. I dealt with this for years, assuming it was just my skin and I had to deal with it. I rotated products all the time ~ using one as long as it worked and when I would start breaking out, I knew it was time to move onto a new product. This got old. I was introduced to a boutique in a direct order swap group called Alex + Von. After chatting with the consultant about my skin issues, she suggested that I try the Suki Balancing Skin Care product line. It was a new product yet again, but it was all natural and organic, which was new for me ~ worth a try ~ maybe this time it would work for good! A year later it has proven to work beautifully! I have minimal breakouts and almost no oil! Please note ~ when changing to a non-chemical based product line, there might be a "freak out" time. It will take some time for your skin to settle down and even out. The suggestion is to give yourself 30+ days before making a decision. When I used chemically based products I did not use any lotion because it made me break out and oily. With Suki (and I assume all natural/organic skin care lines) you MUST use the entire line ~ cleaner, toner, lotion, oil, etc. There are no chemicals removing your natural oils or burning your skin, the entire line works together. You must use it together or you will not get all the benefits the products provide! Since moving to Suki, I have learned so much about cleansers, soaps and make up lines. Why companies choose to fill their products with chemicals, artificial fragrances and colors, SLS, etc. I don't understand. Especially when I know first hand that all natural ingredients work much better and are better for you!

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