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All the things that have been keeping me busy

So i have been away for awhile because i have been very busy learning things...
i have learnt how to sit properly so now i don't roll all over the show and sit still and watch my Baby Einstein programs.

I have also learnt how to talk so mommy gets a big earful all day long,
she is supposed to understand English... howcome she doesn't have a clue
what I am saying when I keep saying LA LA LA LA LA all she responds
with is : Yes Aidan LA LA LA LA, you such a clever boy! - YES! mom I
know I'm a clever boy!! And they say mother's know everything... YEAH
RIGHT! anyway that's that I can also say baba, dada,nun num(that is when
I get food) I can also say ninganing which mom also has no clue what it
means, but to be fair neither do I, I don't think, its just fun to say!

I can share now too, I learnt how to do that the other day, i like to
share with Aimee, I have a bite of my biltong then i offer some to her,
then i have more, then her again, she also shares with me... the other
day she bought her bloody meat filled bone to me and left it there for
me to chew on, when mommy realised it was Aimee's bone, she nearly
flipped, naturally i thought it was funny when mom took it away from me
and threw it outside and Aimee thought she was playing fetch and bought
it back in...
I have also found a way of getting her to follow me when i'm in my walking ring,(which she normally runs and hides from
because i chase her so much)i just drop a piece of my biltong in my
walking ring seat and sit on it, then we go round in circles following
each other, wow that is so much fun...

But man, have i been busy! not only mastering the sitting and talking, i have also learnt how
to(well kinda) crawl,it just seems to take me forever to get from one
place to the other and mom also sits and claps and says yay alot when i
try,well forget it, i have also discovered that i can pull up and stand
so now i have been 'cruising ' a bit it seems cool, but am i ever
impatient to walk and run for real. That way i can play with Tyrone and
Thomas and join them in running down the passage and not have to sit on
moms lap- i can tell you how BOOORING that is!

But how cool is this, with all the standing and cruising i have been doing i had my
first real ooops when i fell off the the small step into the pantry, now
although i bit my tongue and bumped my head, it was mommy that nearly
had a heart attack, (yes i did cry, but once mommy put me in the bath
and i was surrounded by my toys i could have cared less)besides i think
my bruise on my forehead looks kinda cool!
and i certainly think it impressed my little girlfriend, see aunty Candice had a baby on the 26th
Oct- and she is my girlfriend! her name is Kyla- Lee and wow she is
pretty, mommy said i must be gentle with her because she is small, and
that when i touch her i must be soft with her Because of her soft baby
anyway this is me signing off and saying sweet dreams to my girl! Mwah! ( yes mom that includes you too)

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