Formerly known as Super Single Mom, I am now Super Single Aunt. Apparently, there was enough awesomeness to go around. I say that with a smile. I remember welcoming my first and only child, my baby boy back in 2010. He is now going on 12-years old.

WOW, how time has flown by. He was and still is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving having been born on Christmas Eve. Being mom for me allows me to experience unconditional love in unfathomable ways. The love that he has brought into my life, I concede to say, has given me joy and peace even through challenging times. I cannot imagine the course my life would have taken if I did not become a mother. And now we are here: A sixth grader, at the age where he is more independent, taking the bus to and from school, socializing, has a network of friends, doing phenomenal in school, loves school, A-Honor roll, but doesn’t want me to call him “bino” in front of his friends (LOL) but he still whispers into my ear when its “ok” to do so. I love how he recognizes when I still want to hold on to the baby and is always willing to compromise or meet me in the middle, not withholding the kisses, sentiments, cuddles and hugs.

Photo: Mom and Bino

I truly miss the title of Super -Single Mom and all that it came with in journalizing our experiences together as he and I explored together as “TheBabyTheBrandTheBusiness” attending events where he was more sought after, popular and more known than I was. It was cute, applying for credentialing and being asked, “Can you bring the prince?” He will forever be known as Prince Cornelius, while I am now Super-Single Auntie.

Photo: Aunt Nene and Emersyn

Although I am still MOM, there were three additions added to our immediate family this year: the gift of three girls. Arrivals: August 29, September 6 and October 17. Two of which made me an auntie for the second time and one that made me a great aunt. Makes sense? I am excited to say the least. My son shares the excitement because he has been the only child for 12 years and can now be the big cousin or big brother, so to speak. I recall the times when he would constantly ask if I would give him a brother or sister and the anxiety of me having to explain that it doesn’t magically work like that.

Photo: Bino and Emersyn

However now with the new arrival of his cousins back-to-back, he wasted no time stepping into the role of a protector. It was awe-amazing to watch his interaction with his cousin Emersyn when they met over the Thanksgiving holiday. Remarks about how small her hands and fingers, feet and toes echoed over the entire visit. He was amazed at how small a baby is and the sounds they make laughing and expressing emotion through smiles and tears. And then, he nervously but carefully held her.

Photo: Prince Cornelius holding his 3-month-old cousin Emersyn

So, let’s rewind. In a previous post I shared bits of the trials I faced in 2020 and 2021 where a great pause on my life and much needed rest took place after the death of my father in 2021 and the rippling of grievance to follow. One thing I didn’t understand was how I ended up here. Thinking back, I know that the well-crafted design of life that I was living through was the reason that I could be home with my baby sister and able to spend those moments with her among other things.


Photo: Baby Sister, Ebby with her daughter Emersyn

It was truly a blessing to have spent time with my baby sister during the last 6 months of her pregnancy and to witness the birth of her baby girl in August. If your superstition runs as deep as mine tends to, knowing that she was born on my late grandmother’s birthday might just tickle your fancy. 


Photo: Emersyn and her Father, Adam

My dad’s birthday is September 1st and our immediate family joked about how my grandmother and father were in the heavens rivaling over the day she would be born and that my grandmother must have put her foot down and proclaimed it to be on August 29th, while my dad settled with the next one on September 6th.

 What a joy!

Photo: Emersyn First Thanksgiving

So, what has changed? Not much. I am still the fun-loving mother who's known as the nurturer that I was to my son, now sharing that with my nieces. I am still single even though I have been open to dating in the last year or so. I am still the girl who needs coffee before conversation. I still love muscle cars and boat rides into the sunset. I love nature, reading and researching. I still love to cook but welcome an occasional dinner out. I’ve replaced wine with champagne and while I still love my leggings and jeggings, I put on fancy clothes every now and then. I do not leave the house as much, as I have not been on the blogging circuit since 2018 but when asked by my sister if I can hop back on, I gladly accepted the invitation to become Super-Singe Auntie! Today, I am looking forward to traveling to NYC  and South Carolina for Christmas to finally meet my other nieces in person.

Photo: Photo: Niedria and Prince Cornelius

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