Almost Classic College Love Story that Proves True Love Exists

I was a timid student back in the day. Shy, keeping silence, seldom taking an active part in competitions and even parties, having difficulties making friends and finding common ground with others. Don’t get me wrong, I had a sheer number of friends, I also had a sheer number of girls, but I definitely wasn't a popular guy in college. Some sort of a campus grumpy cat I was. People knew me, but our relationships never went further than this stage.

What did I do in college? As all normal students, I did a bit of this, a bit of that. Studying, occasional partying, looking for a part-time job, preparing for the exams, writing tons of essays, and, of course, falling in love. As a matter of fact, I did fall in love a couple of times, and I really thought it was serious. However, those relationships never shoot off. Sure thing, there were casual relationships that were quite good and satisfying to a certain level, but true love seemed to be escaping me. But later on I learned this line of thinking had been so far away from the truth.

As I’ve already told you, I was a rather feeble dude. Human interaction was a difficult essence for me to master. I made an effort to step over my weaknesses when it came to girls, but not always I came out victorious. There was this girl from my class, Phoebe, whom I liked really a lot. Saying I was into her is like saying nothing at all. But Phoebe was a girl out of my league. Extra smart for me, too beautiful for me, too fond of literature, arts and social activities for me, too surrounded by guys who seemed much better than me. So I settled down to just being good friends and stuff. Not a bad idea after all, huh?

Years went by, and our friendship grew stronger and stronger. From just being college friends who attend lectures and practical lessons, chat on the go and grab meals during the breaks, we turned into friends who call each other up at night to discuss douchebag boyfriends or lousy girlfriends. We texted quite often, and thus I guess we came to the definition of confident friends as close as possible. Was I okay with such state of things?

In fact, yes I was. Although I frequently thought about becoming more than a close friend, each time I had gotten a new girlfriend those thoughts weakened in my head till the very next breakup. To cut a long story short, the round robin of our relationship span right till Valentine’s Day 2010. It was late at night, and I was making out with some other girl when Phoebe dropped me a text completely out of blue. Although it was a plain text, nothing serious, somehow a wild idea struck me… Phoebe might be into me romantically too! Well, a girl doesn’t simply text a boy on a Valentine’s Day, right? As it turned out, it wasn’t just a hunch. It was the truth!

In half a year, we started dating. And, believe me, dating a friend is where true relationships should start. And the fact Phoebe wanted to date me when I was a quite clumsy, timid and hesitatory young man actually helped me pass through the ugly swan phase and grow into a more or less decent guy. Not without a flaw, still a much confident and vigorous man whom I am now. And the best thing is, in three months we’re getting married.               

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Stacy Green is a seasoned front-end developer with a knack for blogging and academic writing. Currently she provides help with dissertations to students. A flammable concoction of IT mind and literature heart results in sleepless nights opposed to complete professional satisfaction.    

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