An Excerpt from L'Amerique by Thierry Sagnier

The following excerpt is from L'Amerique by Thierry Sagnier.  It is set in Paris following the end of World War 2.   L'Amerique is available on Amazon and can be found on Goodreads.  The excerpt was provided by the author.


Maman was a painter. She’d dabbled in other media, had written and published a children’s book, and played both the piano and accordion. Jeanot harbored a small resentment when it came to the book, since it had been written specifically about and for his two sisters. He was waiting for his Maman to announce that there was another book written, one dealing with the adventures of Jeanot. He had been waiting a couple of years and come to the conclusion that writing a book might be very time consuming.

Maman’s paintings were drawn largely from old family photographs. She wanted to paint a dozen or so oils before she and Papa opened Créations St. Paul, the dressmaking shop made possible by a loan from Grand-père.

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