An Interview with Author Anthony Barton

Anthony Barton has a pet bat named Bulmer.

In addition to historical fiction, Barton has written a non-fiction: Famous Teachers and Their Methods.

Barton is the author of Press Gang!.  He is the next author to be featured in my interview series focusing on historical fiction and historical romance authors.


Anthony Barton on Writing

How long have you been writing?

Barton: My first book was published by Methuen in the UK in 1968. These days I publish my own eBooks. Just launching a series of sixteen eBooks called Corrie's War.
It is about the brave women who served in Nelson's navy but were never credited for their service. I wonder why have women been so badly misrepresented in naval histories.

Both my parents served in the Royal Navy. I admire the women who served in Nelson's navy, but I am saddened by the fact that they were never given any credit for their bravery and long tours of duty. I think it disgraceful that these hard-working women have been neglected in both historical and fictional accounts of the war at sea. Determined to set the record straight, I have penned one exciting adventure after another starring the intrepid sailor Corrie Harriman.

I think it helps that I write my historical novels about Corrie's War in a house surrounded by whales and icebergs, looking out over Conception Bay.

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