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A Regular Babysitter Is What Every Mom Needs

Moms need a babysitter. It's a fact that has been proven time and time again. Moms can only handle so many tasks at hand.  

As it is, taking care of the kids is a handful already; add to that the household chores and errands moms need to do as well. If moms don't get any…

8 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Christmas

As the twelve days of Christmas begin to count down, it’s time to get your home ready for friends, family, and best of all, Santa.…


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Dennis Lee Havlin, who goes by the penname D. L. Havlin, has held a number of professions including licensed boat captain, football coach, customer service director and systems analyst.  These experiences, along with others in his life, have provided him with material for his novels.

When not writing, Havlin enjoys reading, doing historical presentations and fishing.

In addition to historical fiction, Havlin has written mystery/suspense, literary fiction and humor.

Havlin is the author of Blue Water Red Blood.  He is the next author to be featured in my interview series focusing on historical fiction and historical romance authors.

Read more:  https://www.melinadruga.com/d-l-havlin/

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