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A talking therapy; indeed! It is an interactive process that occurs between the client and the counselor. This interaction assists the client in finding a course that leads to the final satisfying living standards. The counselor helps the client in dealing with her emotional distress and creates a vaguer path for her. And this leads the client to a better understanding of feelings, behavior, and facilitates positive alterations in life.

Aims of counseling:

The primary aim of counseling is to develop a safe and emotionally reliable environment that encourages developing an accepting and caring relationship. And this ultimately helps the client in exploring and developing the concept of self.  It mainly focuses on helping others and allows them to grow with their choices and perspectives. A few other aims are:

  • Reduces tension
  • Enhance understanding
  • Resolve conflict
  • Amplify self-acceptance level
  • Provide alternative solutions for problem

Role of counselor:

The counselor should be aware of individual differences. As two people will not comprehend the solution, in the same manner, their comprehension levels relate to their personal experiences. For that reason, the counselor allows the client to explore their dimension and solution to a problem.

A counselor builds a strong rapport with the client and because of it over time the client starts to begin expressing her emotions openly. This is because a client cannot openly express her emotions with the family and peers as she is expressing with the counselor. There are certain factors behind it i.e. biasness, judgmental behavior, emotional involvement, personal grudges, and many more. Furthermore, by talking to the counselor, the client gets a chance to express her unexpressed emotions in a very confidential way.

Moreover, the counselor will help the client in acknowledging hidden and unexpressed parts of her life, from which she is afraid and reluctant to face them. It can be some childhood trauma that is the reason or proves to be the root cause behind the current behavior. 

A good counselor always tried to lessen the confusion of a client, and free them to make a decision that leads to joy and positive change in their behavior. The counselor’s whole efforts revolve around the clients and tried his best to make the client’s decision, and then freely act upon it.

Counseling skills:

To become a counselor and a good counselor an individual requires various skills. Above all, communication skills in which a counselor should be at a proficient level.

  • Listen actively

The counselors should actively and effectively listen to the client by giving him their full attention. They must be aware of non-verbal communication and body language. Because most of the time, the client communicate in a non-verbal manner.

  • Questioning

It is an important skill as by this session the client gets a chance to express themselves.

  • Empathetic

Empathy is the most primary skill. If the counselors are empathetic they will surely understand the feelings and emotions of the client.

Why do we need counseling?

Certain factors and signs predict that we need counseling. Long story short, when we are overwhelmed with life challenges and lose hope at that time we need counseling. I jotted a few reasons  that will cover the aspect when people need counseling.

  • For mental illness treatment
  • Financial burden
  • In a time of crisis

Counseling services:

In your state, you will find numerous counselors who are offering the best counseling for instance Oklahoma citycounseling, and many others.


In a nutshell, chose the counselor after checking their credibility and experience.

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