Dismorning my daughter, and I were awake at 6am as usual. We did the usual I gave her a bottle, we watched The Fresh Beat band, and danced while singing, played. Fed her some oatmeal, changed her, and layed her down for her nap around 10am. I'm very fourtante she takes one nap a day, for 3 hours. It gives me time to take a break, have some coffee, and relaxe. Especially when i have had a cold now for over a week. We Still have to take care of our children as a single mother, there is no one to care for us when we are sick. My parents are a tremendous help, wnen I need them. However, I try not to lean on them for everything. Mostly everything, I do on my own. I do not allow others to really help me out when it come to my 14 month old daughter, Augusta. I just feel it is my responsibility. I'am in the process of starting up a Mothers & More group in my local area. They offer support, nights out, intrest groups, playgroups for the children, and monthly meetings. All in which I'd be organizing. I'm not usually the leader type, but I think this would be a great way for me to make other mom friends, and for my daughter to have the socialization with other children. Which I feel is important. I have a phone meeting tomorow night to learn more about how i start this up, and what will be expected of me. I'm looking forawrd to doing this though, because it could very well make a difference in other women's lives.


Take care

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