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Another list of things we should be doing

If you open any parenting-based magazine, you will quickly come across a list article. And, undoubtedly, the list article will be of things you should be doing as a parent, but you probably aren't.

These types of articles used to get me down and make me feel like I wasn't holding up my end of the parent-child bargain. According to many lists, I am not injecting enough science, creativity or exploratory fun in my son's day. And if I do manage to do anything different, it will probably only be one or two times because it is not working out.

And I think that sums up most parents quite nicely: We try things, and when they don't work out, we move on to something else. We are adaptable. I like adaptable. (I find adaptable easier to maintain than consistent.)

So, yes, I should probably continue to read articles like this one that point out what successful families are doing. But with a different mindset. My mindset is now more about trying something new and not being afraid to fail at it.

What recent parenting trick have you tried and failed to integrate with your family's life? Tell me in the comments.

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