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Another Perspective: Why I Hate Co-Sleeping

Every now and then, I hear someone gushing and extolling the virtues of cosleeping, or the family bed. All I can think is either they are lying, or have completely different children than I do. I suspect the latter.

Cosleeping sounds like a good plan, on many levels. But then I experienced the reality with my children, and I discovered something…I hate cosleeping.

  • Physics are suspended: I don’t know what it is about my bed. Be it some sort of weird wormhole, Dr. Who plotting against me for not watching the show, or what, but normal laws of physics are suspended with the addition of a baby or toddler in my bed. That’s the only possible reason that can explain how someone so freaking SMALL can take over 90% of the available bed space. Somehow, I wake up several times a night, clinging to the edge of the bed, and any attempt at moving results in discovering the baby is already in that spot...continue reading at The Mommyhood Project

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