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5 Essential Bedroom Cleaning Tips

Does it take your ages to find anything in your wardrobe? Maybe that’s because there is a big pile of clothes on a chair and falling onto the floor… Then again, do you find crumbs between the sheets when you’re trying to drop off at night? If any of these two instances are familiar, then it’s time to get in some…

Top 6 Wellness Trends to Try in 2020

With every passing year comes a slew of new wellness fads that fall in and out of fashion in what seems like the blink of an eye. While it can be tiring trying to keep up with the ever-growing list of trends, weeding out the bad from the good and the good from the great could leave you feeling fresher than…


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Anxiety Blankets For Teenagers Improves Focus and Concentration

If you are a teenager and suffer from panic attacks, stress and anxiety regularly, the central nervous system of the body is severely affected. This increases the levels of stress, and you suffer from frequent bouts of headaches, dizziness and mild to acute depression. Anxiety will affect your performance in school, and you will face personal problems as well. Health and relationships will take a backseat, and you will end up feeling miserable and frustration aggravating the condition even more. 

Being a teenager is not simple. There are growing up challenges you face in life. Most of the time, you fear being misunderstood and this brings in more stress and worry into your life. Instead of succumbing to negative habits and substance abuse, you should have an optimistic attitude to the problems you face. If you view them as challenges, you will be able to overcome them better. There are natural and holistic remedies for anxiety, and you do not have to allow anxiety to interrupt your sleep and well-being anymore. You can use an anxiety blanket to combat the stress and say hello to your challenges with a reinforced positive attitude daily.

How can anxiety blankets help you?

If you are a teenager and worried about several things in life, it is time to combat the worrying and anxiety with the help of a good quality weighted blanket also known as an anxiety blanket. These blankets are specially designed to induce sleep and give you the feeling of being held. Most fear and anxiety arise from the sense of being insecure in the world. This, in turn, hampers sleep, and you will find yourself tossing and turning the whole night in bed. Medicines like sleeping pills are not the solution for insomnia. Anxiety or weighted blankets are. Learn about anxiety blankets here and see how they play a positive role in reducing anxiety and helping you focus and concentrate better in life.

Deep Touch Pressure- the science behind anxiety and weighted blankets

When your sleep improves with a weighted blanket, you can get clarity of mind and focus better on daily tasks. Moreover, a weighted blanket will give you a sense of comfort and security when you fall asleep in the night. The science that is behind weighted or anxiety blankets is a science called Deep Touch Pressure. This science means there is a pressure distributed on the body that is even and gentle. This results in the production of serotonin that has a calming effect on the body. Serotonin is a body chemical that works in sync with the other hormones to reduce blood pressure, anxiety and heart rate leading to the positive regulation of mood.

Therefore, if you are a teenager or the parent of a teenager who is prone to anxiety and panic attacks, the use of a weighted blanket will help you largely to combat stress and other negative emotions that hamper performance and focus. It improves sleep and makes you feel physically and mentally better when you wake up.

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