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The day was absolutely dragging; Ella was mad at the world (nothing new these days). Liam was having an off day, thus spending his awake time perfecting the mood know as crabbiness--it's safe to say neither of the kids were feeling it that day. But we, the parents, were definitely feeling it: overtired, patience lost somewhere in the overflowing laundry baskets, and recurring headaches from Mickey overload. Just done with the day already. Oh lookie there, it's only 9am--sigh. At this point, the only end in sight I could see involved a strait jacket, and possibly a padded room of some sort, and that was just for them. We needed an adult time-out. We damn near skipped to the car, got in, and set out into the waiting world for a hot Friday night date--except we didn't have any real plans. Catching a break from peanut butter handprints on the back of your newly washed yoga pants, ["please stop reminding mommy of her slightly bigger ass by smacking and laughing at it, thank you very much."] and the baby poop up the back explosions was plan enough for me! 'Reinforcements...come on doooowwnnnn!!!' [to be said in your best Price is Right voice for ultimate effect.]


We drove around aimlessly for a little bit, enjoying the quiet of the car, tossing around ideas of what we should do and where we should go. It was then that we both realized the best plan of action, and something we both would much rather be doing, would be to go home and take a nap. But, since that dream wasn't going to be a reality, at least not today, we sucked it up and found something to do. We parked the car, started walking through the parking lot towards the big, blue, glowing sign, so excited to be out on a Friday for a change, giddily repeating 'look at us, all out and stuff like real people!' Before we get to the doors, my husband half jokingly says, "so this is what my Friday nights have come to. Going to Lowe's." Yes, people. We had a night away from the kids and ended up at Lowe's. Does it sound a little better if I say it wasn't a complete waste of a trip? I did need some of those pull chains for the fans in the house. Nope. Somehow now it sounds worse. Sigh.

After strolling the aisles, pretending so hard that the home improvement store was actually fun, we decided to cheer ourselves up by grabbing something to eat--and drink. Definitely need a drink to liven up this humdrum Friday night fail. We eventually ended up at a local place. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, just an average place to sit back and relax. A rum and coke was delivered (and then another one, it was quite delicious, thank you for asking). A small appetizer was on it's way. And here we were; just the two of us, laughing, having a drink, sharing some food, talking about nothing too important. Okay sure, it was only 6pm, and we both were ready for bed. It's true, we yawned our way through the hardware aisles desperately killing time. We didn't get dressed up to the nines, although, I was quite impressed with myself for getting out of my robe, pulling the cheerios out of my hair, and slapping some make up on. And that all says a lot, I don't trade in my yoga pants for jeggins for just any ol' body. We by no means partook in a fancy, four course meal--unless water, then mixed drink, then appetizer, then second mixed drink qualifies as such--in that case, I feel a little underdressed for the occasion.

Emphasis on SLEEP.

Somewhere in between chewing on my chicken wings, and reminiscing about our days past, it hit me that this was far from a "Friday night fail." Having two small kids now, our relationship almost always takes a back seat--figuratively and literally. [One day I'll make my way to the front passenger seat again. But for now, my place is methodically squished between the two car seats in back, making googley faces at my son so he doesn't cry, all while my toddler complains in my ear the whole way because my arm is touching HER arm rest!] I knew I loved my husband, but it was on this average night out that reminded me why. It's because I feel utterly and completely comfortable just being myself around him. It's because he makes me feel pretty, even on the days I don't see how he could. It's because when I'm making a bad day even worse--he's usually there, talking me off the ledge, or standing out there with me; always has my back. It's because he's along side me, in the thick of parenting, day in and day out. It's because we can have the most ordinary night, but feel such an extraordinary love <3

You'll forever be my always.

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