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Mobile Apps Designed to Help Single Moms Get Shit Done

It’s relatively agreeable across the board that parenting is challenging. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a parent, there will always be a new encounter, a different question, or something you just didn’t get with the last child. It’s okay to not grasp every concept of parenting. In fact, that’s what makes us unique as mothers.

There are certain aspects of being a parent that can be less overwhelming. Especially so for single moms. Technology plays a major role in almost every area of our daily lives. It’s only right that it would contribute to the day-to-day realms of being a mom. After all, the responsibilities are endless. The list of things to do always reads “to be continued”, and there is never quite enough cash on hand when you need to send money for the book fair. Guess what, there’s an app for that! It’s for single moms who do all they can to make it work and get shit done.

Here are a few apps that could help simplify the normal chaos of being a single mom.

  1. The Mint (finance management) App

Newly single or single from the beginning of parenthood makes little difference in regard to careful management of your finances. It is important to create a healthy balance of household saving and spending accounts. There is a mobile and online version of Mint which works to help single parents create budgets and footprint their spending.

Users link their bank account info to coordinate transactions into a single dashboard. Transactions are categorized to create spending limits for habits such as dining out, groceries, personal shopping and more. Mint implements a tool that specifies the number of funds remaining in each category daily. This shows the user how much they have remaining through the end of the month.

  1. The Calm App

This one is a must-have for single moms. Calm acts as a mobile meditation coach. The app launches with a tranquil scene of a running lake and ice glazed mountains. The sounds of chirping birds set the mood for a moment of relaxation. Users are then guided to choose one of three options: meditate, breathing practices or relax to help them fall asleep.

The mobile app offers a seven-day series of meditation suggestions, self-led meditations and instructed meditations. The idea is to create a Zen moment. Being newly single or juggling the responsibilities of a single parent can make sleeping difficult. It can also cause parents to be tense and on edge. The app has audio sleep stories to help guide users to a more tranquil place.

  1. The 2Houses (the scheduling genius) App

Chances are, as a single parent the kids are juggled between two or more houses. This can be mentally, emotionally and physically draining. 2Houses mobile app helps to alleviate some of the conflict and chaos that these scenarios could potentially present. T helps with co-parenting, sharing and management of important forms and documents and scheduling. This tool is pivotal in the elimination or reduced occurrences of disagreements and conflicts in scheduling.

2Houses assists parents with scheduling for the kid’s medical appointments, after-school activities, school events and more. It makes the other parent aware of when one can’t arrive on time. This helps them to make the necessary arrangements for the safety of the children.

  1. The Seconds-Pro App

The mobile app designed to help single moms and others with busy lifestyles. Users can personalize a HIIT exercise routine and take it wherever they go. HIIT workouts lasts for approximately 15 minutes. It starts with about 30 seconds of high-energy movement, 10 seconds of cool-down and right back into high-intensity work out again. It’s the perfect way to burn fat in a short period of time. Because let’s face it, time is not a luxury that most single moms have to waste.

Parents who are newly single will find that working out is a great stress reliever. Seconds-Pro gives an alternative for moms who may have had more time to commit to working out before. Schedule and life changes brought on by divorce or separation could decrease the amount of time parents have for exercise.

There are a few other apps out there to help moms with the transition into single life or to better handle the existing chaos of being single. Each app is unique in its own design. No app is expected to get it all right, but there are tools available to help lighten the load of being a single mom. Go ahead! Grab your mobile device and download the single mom app of your choice.

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