Are allergies keeping you inside?

When the weather gets warmer and it is getting greener outside we head outside to enjoy the beautiful long days of spring. It is time to clean
off the patio furniture and enjoy the warmer days and evenings. Spring
is a time when we feel awake and start living again after a long
winter. However, if you suffer from allergies this time of the year
probably means watery eyes, congestion, runny nose, earaches and
just to mention a few symptoms. If you suffer from allergies you
probably don't enjoy spring as much as some of your family members or

Regular medication treats the symptoms but they don't address the underlying problem that caused the allergies to occur in the first place.

Naturally, the first step is to remove the source of the irritation, which is not always easy if you suffer from seasonal allergic rhinitis, or hay fever
as it is commonly called. A solution is to move away, but not really
practical for most. So, even if it is the pollen in the air that you
react to, it is beneficial to remove all the toxic chemicals your body
is exposed to. Toxic cleaning products and cosmetics just add more to
the irritation.

The body needs to be purged from toxins and the immune system needs to be stimulated. All processed food with artificial chemicals add to the
toxic burden of your body. Refined products are mucus forming and they
don't do anything to relieve your allergies. The body's mechanism of
elimination cannot keep up with all the chemicals in the food or
environment. The intestinal flora can be damaged due to all the
environmental toxins, overuse of pesticides and preservatives in food,
and overuse of antibiotics in meat and drugs. This means that the
boundary between the intestinal tract and the rest of the body is
broken. This allows for allergenic substances to enter into the
bloodstream and it triggers an allergic reaction by the immune system.
Therefore I consider Probiotics to be essential.

Increase wholesome food, dark leafy vegetables, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices in your diet. Try mixing cucumber, carrot and beet
for a nutritious and detoxifying juice. Why not mix carrot and celery
for another nourishing and cleansing juice? You want to make sure you
stay well hydrated and drink plenty of pure water, and only drink
between the meals. Drinking during meals will dilute the stomach's
hydrochloric acid, making it difficult to absorb minerals and digest

You might want to look into some common underlying issues that may cause your problem. Allergic reactions to food in the intestinal tract can
sensitize the immune system and make you more susceptible to
respiratory allergies. This was the cause with our dog, she developed
severe allergies overnight before Christmas. She couldn't breath and
panicked. First time we scanned her with our bio feedback machine she
responded to products for the digestive system, and not the respiratory
system as expected, even though she reacted to the notorious Hill
Country cedar pollen. We figured out that she was sensitive to beef,
turkey, chicken and grains. We muscle tested her for those items.
You want to pay attention to the food your eat to see if your symptoms get worse depending on the food your eat. Common allergens are wheat, corn,
eggs, peanut, citrus, dairy, food colors and chemicals. It is a good
idea to fast for a couple of days and if the symptoms improve you know
that you are sensitive to something you eat.

There are other things to consider also, like nutritional deficiencies for example. Essential nutrients may be missing that are needed to regulate
the immune response. Vitamin C and bioflavonoids, especially quercitin, have shown to reduce histamine reactions. According to Steven Horne, deficiencies in calcium and magnesium have also been linked to allergenic rhinitis.
Omega-3 essential fatty acids reduce inflammatory reactions, this is due to their ability to produce compounds which mediate inflammation.
Many experts also believe that Vitamin D deficiencies can be a leading cause behind allergies and asthma.
Other nutrients that may be beneficial are selenium, zinc, pantothenic acid, and antioxidants. For more information on health building, read my Seven Pillar of Prevention post.
Naturally there are many herbal products, homeopathic remedies, and other supplements that have provided relief for many. Contact me if you want
more information about our products that we use for our clients.

Other things that may play an important role in allergies are adrenal insufficiency, liver problems and leaky gut syndrome.

You might want to look into NAET and acupuncture, many have found relief using those methods.
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