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The Benefits of Reading to Your Child

No matter how much we don’t want to admit it, we all want our children to be geniuses when they grow up. It’s only natural, the urge to want our children to be successful in all aspects of life only means we want to protect them. To have them be better able to protect themselves from a world that at moments can be…

How to Change a Home Air Filter

One of the quickest…


merkaela wellness subscription box


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Are you a tea-loving lady like myself? You will simply love the BlendBee Tea of the Month Club! As a member, you get specialty blends sent straight to your door each month. It’s such an easy way to enjoy new teas and try blends you didn’t even know were possible. For example, I can get caffeinated blends because I’m a new mom, and my husband can enjoy the decaffeinated kind before bed.

We love the healthy properties of green tea, but that doesn't mean it's the only kind we enjoy. BlendBee lets their subscribers choose whether or not they want green, black, white, or another kind of tea.

Being able to choose the type of tea I want is a real selling point for me. BlendBee makes unique blends that aren’t even available on their website, month after month, and I can also request certain modifications (ie no stevia). I look forward to knowing that I’m getting delicious, high quality teas without the fear of being disappointed.

A few great points I want you to know:

  • First, the shipping is free. Totally free each month! Talk about value.

  • Second, the tea blends are packaged in a reusable container, so even if I cannot drink it all in a month, I can store it for later use.

  • Third, you get a muslin tea bag, so you can steep your tea fresh.

  • Finally, if you’re a tea addict like me, you get a supply of tea each month equal to about 60 cups! This works great for my husband and I. We do drink more than the average person, though. BlendBee also offers a 30 cup “Tea Sampler” subscription for the lightweights out there ;)

When you subscribe, you’ll be able to start customizing the type of tea you want. The Tea Addict subscription costs $20 per month and the Tea Sampler subscription costs $15. Each order comes with two resealable bags of tea. Instructions for steeping are included. Each shipment also includes the benefits and properties of each tea blend.

With names like Ginger Ninja, Sugar and Spice, and Bang Bang, you will not be disappointed! You can hopefully already tell that they have a great sense of humor :)  The head tea maker, Jamah, also includes hand-written notes in each order. Such great service!

BlendBee is always innovating with new teas, and if you love one that you’ve tried, you are easily able to order it. Did I forget to mention that they have everything from oolong, red, white, yerba mate, and even turmeric blends to keep your body happy and healthy?

If there are specific benefits you’re looking for, they can basically create anything you desire. There’s a great “Cold and Flu” blend perfect for the long winter days of stuffy noses, crying babies, and fuzzy socks. They also have a neat concoction called Liver Love that helps you clean and rehabilitate your liver.

If saving the environment is more up your alley, BlendBee even has a blend that supports saving the bees. This company is very creative, authentic, and innovative. If you haven't been able to tell, I love these boutique teas. If you know of a tea lover, this makes the perfect gift that you can talk about together month after month! Start your steeping, and enjoy!

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