Are you ready to prepare your kids for jobs that don’t exist yet?

As a parent, you are looking towards a scary dystopian future. But you are the only one scared because your children find it thrilling. They cannot wait to travel in the space, travel in self-driving cars, communicate with robots, and live in a world that looks like depicted from the pages of a Sci-Fi movie. 

The world is running into the arms of a new industrial revolution, and the latest technological changes are predicting a world very few of us would be able to recognise. The Internet of things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and robotics are only some of the factors that will change the world as you know it. They are elements of a reality your children will live, and they will change the technological and business structure of the global society. 

If until a few years ago, you were afraid there would come a day when robots will take your job, now it’s not only a philosophical debate, it’s a fact. But technology will also bring new jobs, jobs your children will perform. 

The World Economic Forum predicts that 65% of the children that enter primary school nowadays will work in job types that don’t exist at present. So how can you prepare your children for a career that you have no idea how it will look. 

Are your children doomed?

Not really. As stated before, children are happy with the changes the future holds. For you, the current state of things is far from comforting, but it doesn’t mean the future is hopeless for your children. They will excel in domains you have heard about in books. As a parent trapped in the present, it’s challenging to accept the poor reality you’re facing, and your instinct is to stick your head in the sand and panic. You don’t want your children to have a terrible life. But this is not the moment to hold a funeral for your children’s job. 

Studies show that artificial intelligence creates more jobs than it kills, so when your children grow, they will live in a different world that will provide them with countless opportunities. The future generation can be trained to deal with the unexpected. By guiding your kids technically, emotionally, and mentally, you prepare them for the demands of future jobs. Inform them of the futurist changes the business world will experience and equip them with skills and aptitudes that allow them to pursue their dream jobs. With the right approach and aptitudes, you can prepare your children even for a job that doesn’t exist. 


Encourage them to study subjects related to humanities

You may find surprising that you don’t have to prepare your child for the future by teaching them to use artificially intelligent machines. But for them to maintain their creativity, they need a liberal arts education that will function as an antidote to automation. In school, children will get a basic understanding of computer science, but it’s your role to encourage them to study neuroscience, psychology, sociology, history and philosophy. These subjects help them have a broad knowledge that allows them to put artificial intelligence at use. 

Experts agree that their ability to make sense of the world they live in is their best skill in a world ruled by automation. While robots are great at performing repetitive tasks, humans can come up with creative solutions. A robot cannot write a book, create a promotional video, make a movie, write an advertisement for a product or service or paint. 

Don’t specialise them in a specific subject

For children to have greater chances to perform in careers that don’t exist at present, they should be multi-disciplined. At present, the traditional school makes children really good at something, but this can be a dangerous thing for the future generation because we don’t know what skills they need. 

You should support your children to pursue different interests and learn to be flexible. Enrol them in interdisciplinary courses, to encourage them to develop a wide range of skills and earn knowledge in more than one area. Give them the ability to adapt when the world changes. 

Another way to promote multidisciplinary is to try different stuff to broaden their experiences. 

Children should be tech-savvy

One skill, children need, is the ability to plan and expect for the unexpected. 50 years ago, the idea that people will make a living from posting pictures on the Internet was unimaginable. Now, millions of people spend their days taking the perfect shot and earning thousands of dollars for an Instagram post. Artificial intelligence and technology will change the jobs landscape in ways you cannot anticipate, so your job is impossible. You cannot prepare your child for a day when they apply for a job that doesn’t exist. You should engage them with the latest technology while they stay connected with their culture. 

You can achieve this in various ways, from allowing them to engage with apps and programs to enrolling them to classes that teach them to create, edit, and promote video and pictures. Kids should learn to play intuitively with technology. 

Technology is affordable for everyone now, so you can access all kinds of hi-tech and provide your children with the tools they need to acquire a job in the future. However, expect not all children to be equal in skills in the technologically advanced future you prepare them for. Their abilities and aptitudes will determine the jobs they are fit for. 

The world is moving towards a market with more equality of opportunities. But this doesn’t mean your children will benefit from equality of outcomes. It’s reasonable as a parent to be scared of the world you are preparing your children for, but things have always been changing, so don’t expect the world they will live in to collapse.  

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