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As Thomas would say: " I'm a WEEEENA"

My Winning picture!

So this morning mommy got an email for Mommalicious Mamma's saying that 'I' (yes that's correct) 'I' won their Summer photo competition.
How cool am i? But let me not get a big head about this, i mean the other
babies that entered were also very cute, anyone of them could have won
it- HA HA HA but I DID!-
So this means that i have won the first of many contests to come...(as long as mommy doesn't enter me into those
naffy beauty contests I'll be fine- please daddy, tell me u have my back
on this one!!) because if i know anything about my mom, she will use
anything to show off how good looking i am...
I don't know it's almost like she thinks she had some hand in my gorgeosity!( my new word-
oxford dictionary will be calling soon)PHU-lease, i was the one doing
all the hard work in the belly- i put in the hours!-ME!who do you think
was up and busy working on my looks when mom was trying to sleep? HUH?!
it was ME! the slacker was sleeping while i was busy!!! she dare not try
take the glory with this one, i WILL fight for it, even if it means i
must bite...oh yes, hold on, it doesn't take much to get me to bite,
Wait for it... "CHOMP!" see i told you, any chance i get to sink these
chompers into anything i take it!

So there you have it folks,as my friend Thomas always says: "I'M A WEEEENA!!!!"

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