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#ASKAWAYFriday With Teddy is MultitaskMomma

I started participating in #ASKAWAYFriday and I have enjoyed it. I love connecting with other bloggers and learning more about them. I wanted to participate in this blog hop because I don’t always share a ton of information about myself. I thought #ASKAWAYFriday was the perfect way for everyone to get to know me on a personal basis. For those who don’t know what #ASKAWAYFriday is, you exchange a set of 10 questions for another blogger to answer. Below are 10 questions that Teddy asked me and I hope that you enjoy my answers.


I have known Teddy at Multitaskmomma for a long time, she is one of my greatest Twitter friends that I met when I first started blogging full time.  She has two children and is expecting her third baby in 2.5 months.  She shares a wide variety of topics on her blog including pregnancy, breastfeeding, DIY craft ideas, recipes, weight loss, and more.

In my post you will find out how why I started Uplifting Families, my scariest moment as a parent, my favorite baby gear, and my dream vacation.  If you are interested in participating in #Askawayfriday, please send me a message.  This is an awesome blog hop.  It is fun and it is a great way to meet new bloggers.  Visit Uplifting Families to see my full answers to the questions that Teddi asked me: #ASKAWAYFriday With Teddy is MultitaskMomma.

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