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Asthma in Children – What is Asthma, Causes, Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment

I remember my oldest son had a lot of problems when he was a baby with frequent upper respiratory infections, wheezing, difficulty breathing, and asthma.  I never found out what triggered his asthma problems but I am assuming it is because he has sensitivity to environmental allergens.   In fact, now he only has to use an inhaler when he exercises outdoors,  typically, during the fall and spring when allergens are higher.  If you think that your child has asthma symptoms or has difficulty breathing, it is important to see the doctor or take your child to the emergency room.  Jessy from DomeHealth, wanted to share with you some basic information about asthma and how to treat it.

If your child has an asthma attack it can be a very scary situation for both caregivers and children.  It is best to remain calm so that you don't cause your child to panic, which can cause your child to have additional problems.  Visit Uplifting Families to learn more about Asthma in Children.  

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