Really? How many times you have seen this winning?

I have seen so many times, people fall in love, willing to do anything for their lovers. But in the end, they get refused. Their feelings were very true (I think), they just choose the wrong person to fall in.


When people near me did this. In the beginning, I had tried to warn them, that they should know, to what kind of person they are getting close. If they could stop, it would have been better for them. But even by knowing everything, they fall for it. On those days I didn’t know, why on earth they are even trying for that kind of people.


But with time, I realize, they did because they couldn’t stop themselves. Because of love, they always had hope, people will change, and fall for real with them. And that never happens, so, in the end, get hurt.


Later these broken heart people move on. They start their new life. But I felt the spark is missing. It looks like they are living with furniture. I hope, I’m wrong.


Almost all of them, who play with heart, didn’t get anything good (As far as I have seen). Karma is very true. No matter how they appear in society, deep inside they are living the worst life.

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