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Last year my friend Lindsay from Because He Gave was inspired by the book 101 Simple & Thoughtful Ways to Give This Christmas Away by Matthew West.

Inspiration led to her blog & a her blog took us on a journey into re-discovering the true meaning of Christmas.

We are so bombarded this time of year with the 'I want!' attitude that it is so easy to lose sight of what this season is really about. We have a God who gave His son to us over 2000 years ago. We have a Son who gave His life so that we can live forever with Him. With such love given to us, should we not give it away also?
A beautiful quote from my friend Lindsay (o:
Somewhere along the way we have lost the true meaning behind Christmas. We got caught up in the commercialization of Christmas & we forget the true spirit. Our hearts have become hard.

For the next three months let us soften our hearts, let's give Christmas away.

There are many beautiful ideas in this book. I pray that giving will become easy & I pray that we incorporate the spirit of giving into our lives all year round (o:

101 Simple & Thoughtful Ways To Give This Christmas Away by Matthew West was inspired by the Matthew West song from Veggie Tales Saint Nicholas." width=480 height=295>
1st Place ~ Veggie Tales Saint Nicholas, A Story of Joyful Giving dvd & Give This Christmas Away by Matthew West.

2nd Place ~
Give This Christmas Away by Matthew West.

1. Let me know, in the comments section, a way for us to give Christmas away or you can share your favorite Bible verse.

2. Link to this contest on your blog, your Facebook page, on Twitter – then let me know. Each link gets you an extra entry.

3. Go vote for my friend Lindsay, from
Because He Gave to win a job as a good mood blogger with Sam-e Complete - then let me know. Your vote will get you two entries.

That’s it!
The contest will run from today Thursday, 10/21/2010 until Friday, 11/05/2010 at midnight.

I will choose the winner by random draw (or I’ll have Superdad, Superkids or Supercats somehow pick the winner, that’s always fun) I make the announcement on Monday, 11/08/2010.

Then all the winners will need to do is email me with a shipping address & I will get your prize shipped out before we leave for Disney World (o:

Let's give Christmas away!

Life As Supermom ~

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