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Baby Gender Prediction - Right Or Wrong?

Baby gender prediction can be tricky but overall the chances are about 50/50 for having a son or a girl so it is anyone's guess. Medically speaking, the female eggs contain only the X chromosome as the guy sperm can have either the X or Y chromosome.

Fertilization of the egg by sperm containing a Y chromosome ends in the conception of an son. Fertilization by an X chromosome means a daughter is conceived. There are many ways lovers can in a natural way determine baby gender.

Sex Position
The sex position used when conception occurs may be used to predict baby gender. Cowgirl style position is where the woman is on top of the man enabling profound penetration and most effective opportunity for the Y chromosome sperm to fertilize the egg resulting in a son.

Plough sex style is like the missionary position with the man at the top except the girl knees rest in the man's shoulder. The theory behind this is deep penetration supplying the sperm with the Y chromosome an edge.

Shettles Method
Ovulation products are helpful with all the Shettles solution to determine baby gender. The theory behind this method is that sperm comprising the Y chromosome swim faster than sperm made up of the X chromosome. Intercourse before ovulation escalates the odds of having a woman while intercourse during ovulation probably will cause the conception of any boy. For couples wanting to get pregnant right away, this isn't a good method because intercourse is bound to specific times predicated on ovulation.

Whelan Method
The Whelan Method to determine baby gender is dependant on timing intercourse according to the woman's basal temperature. Conceiving a guy requires having sex 4-6 days before the basal temp rises. Conceiving a woman requires having intercourse 2-3 times before ovulation.

Chinese language Conception Chart
The China conception chart is thought to have been learned in a tomb and is supposed to be over 7 centuries old. The chart is based on the mother's lunar time during conception and the month of conception. The lunar years is based on 29 day weeks. The Chinese language gender prediction chart allows hopeful parents to plug in schedules and ages to look for the love-making of the baby.

Managing diet is another way to find the sex of your baby. Conceiving boys requires eating foodstuffs with high pH levels since sperm carrying the X chromosome do not prosper as well in acidic conditions. Foods abundant with calcium and magnesium also needs to be ingested. Conceiving girls takes a more alkaline environment and this means eating foodstuffs with lower pH levels. Also the dietary plan should be rich in sodium and potassium.

Is It Just Coincidence?
Many swear a baby gender prediction can be predetermined by one technique or another. Corresponding to science, the one sure way to forecast baby gender is by manufactured insemination. But today research implies that there are new way to forecast the gender of your child naturally.

Find out about baby gender prediction and find out what the doctors don't want you to learn. Today you can make the gender of your child with no need of any treatment.

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