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Today I'm thanking God that Zorin is 6 months old! So much about this little bundle of personality and joy that I want to share with you all. 5 months ago, we shared our "1 MONTH POSTPARTUM MOMMY + BABY UPDATE" with you and now its past time for another update.

Everyday Cutie

Zorin now knows and responds to his name and he loves to laugh and be tickled. He loves to grab your face and try to kiss you. Zorin's personality is a lot like his Dad’s. He will sit and stare at you for hours not saying anything. He's very laid back . I think it could be him just taking it all in. Zorin plays well with toys and loves to watch Baby First TV. He also loves video calling his Granny. He doesn't like wearing socks. And his most favorite thing to do is take a bath. Water is literally EVERYWHERE!! Zorin’s personality is coming out and hitting the roof. Sometimes I can’t believe that he’s just 6 months.

Favorite Person?

I believe his Dad is probably his favorite. They have the same laid back energy about them. He’s much more calm with his dad than he is with anyone else in the house.



Baby boy Z is sleeping better than his Momma at night. LOL He's sleeping all night long. Like the others at his age, he has night terrors which isn't fun for him or myself. Momma wants to keep him close. Zorin just started sleeping in his own bed this week. He sleeps from about 8:30 to 4 or 5 AM. Then he's up for about 30 minutes for a early morning feeding and change. He's back to sleep and will sleep until 8:30 - 9 AM.


Naps (Cat naps)?

Zorin is napping a few times throughout the day. 11:00, 2 and 5. I must say that these naps are so short, I'm at the point of not planning anything during these times.


Rolling over?

Not only is he rolling over, he's able to sit up on his own.


Zorin is not crawling yet but his is now able to get on his knees and rock back and forth.



No, but we're waiting patiently.



Yes, we've finally introduced him to a few foods. He loves the teething crackers. Zorin also loves sweet potatoes. We decided to make his baby foods. As it stands right now, it's too risky to give him all processed and store-bought foods. There are a few we trust, but the rest we feel will not be good for him.



We recently went on a week-long vacation. Zorin hates long drives and his car seat. We were able to get though it by listening to Baby Shark on repeat.


Clothing Size?

Zorin is currently wearing 9mo clothes. He's so chunky! He only wore 6 month clothes for a few short weeks.

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