Back From the City & 'Mum's Tips Friday' Announcement

 Me on the London Eye. I forgot how high that thing goes!
Keeping my little boy close to me

I have been back from my trip to London for a couple of days but my brain has been deeply stuck into my new business and I have barely been up for air. In the none-working hours I have either been sleeping (most gratefully after a minimal amount of sleep whilst in London) or playing with Milo. Milo is back out of his monster form and into the little boy I love so dearly and we have been having a wonderful time. There was thankfully no anger towards me for having been away for a few days (I used to have to face a day or two of Monster Milo in full angry force after he had been at his dad's for more then a day) and he has even (on the main) been delighted to see me when I pick him up from Kita (daycare/nursery), although this may have a lot to do with the noisy little aeroplane 'The Lawyer' and I bought for him from the airport which I bring with me each day upon pick up.

I was thinking today about what subject to have for this coming 'Mum's Tips Friday' as today is announcement day and so I was thinking about the skills I have picked up during parenting and which I had already that turned out useful to me ie. multi-tasking, ability to ignore large amounts of noise etc. With this in mind I was thinking about what was one of the harder stages to deal with and with that I have the title for Friday's 'Mum's Tips Friday':

This week's theme: How to deal with a climber! (for those whose children learned to climb before they walked, for those whose children see a chair not simply as something to sit on but as something to stand at the very peak upon, for those whose child learned to not only fling himself into his cot but also out of it! This one's for you.)
How it works: On Friday I will be writing my blog post with my own personal tips for dealing with a child who climbs. At the bottom of the post I will include a Linky option so you can create your own tips on your blog (please include the title 'Mum's Tips Friday' and link back to Workingberlinmum) or you can leave some tips in the comments section under my blog post. It would be great if as many of you as possible would give your own tips for dealing with a child who climbs and don't forget to check out the other tips and links.

I love to read your comments so please feel free to let me know what you think...

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