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Back to School - It is All in the Lunch Bag

Last week we wrote about some very cool back to school bags for everyone from preschoolers to the college bound teenager. Now it is all about the lunches. It is important to get the right accessories to make lunchpail lunches something to really look forward to when the lunch bell strikes. A new study has reported that if lunches are above 40 degrees for more than two hours, the lunch should be thrown away. It also states that the insulated bags does not guarantee the lunch will still be cold when ready to consume. Let’s keep this in mind when shopping for lunch products. In the past we have mentioned some great finds in our Waste Free Lunch Supplies and a great eco-friendly lunchbox, Yubo. Here are some more ideas:

Perfect Sandwich - Keeps your wet ingredients (meat, lettuce, cheese) sealed and chilled in a water tight compartment and away from the bread until it is time to assemble them for lunch. The Perfect Sandwich guarantees that the sandwich will stay at a safe temperature to consume with its PerfectChill cooling pack. Buy from ContainThis for $19.99


Lunch on the Go - Just like Perfect Sandwich, this set comes with a removable ice pack and will keep all your entrees and snacks cool and fresh for hours. Buy from Fit & Fresh for $9.99.


Lunch Pot - Perfect for separating your granola from your yoghurt or your salad from the dressing, this lunch pot has a set of two round containers, a spork and a handy carrying strap. Once lunch is over the smaller container fits conveniently in the larger one. Can you say compact? Buy from Black & Blum or Daily Grommet for $22.00.

Bon Appetit Lunch Box – Perfect for an all in one lunch with its airtight seal. This box, which is microwaveable and dishwasher safe, comes with its own fork and knife, a divided dish and a sauce pot for dips or salad dressing. Buy from the Container Store for $24.99.
Puzzle Sandwich Cutter – Make lunch a little more interesting with this puzzle maker that creates very little waste. I was always using cookie cutters to make my kids’ sandwiches a little more fun to eat and always felt I was throwing away half the sandwich. This is a better and more amusing solution. It also come in cute cutout shapes. Buy from Amazon for $14.50 for a set of 4.
Kids Healthy Lunch Set – Here’s another lunch set  from Fit & Fresh. This 17 piece set is geared specifically to young kids. The set pieces come in fun colors and designs, each having the safety ice pack to keep all the food cool. Buy at Fit & Fresh for $17.99.
Bento Box -  Although my girls call them “snack trays”, they love these bento boxes. This is a perfect lunch box with five compartments, including one for a water bottle, to make a fun bento box lunch for your kids (or yourself).  No need to try fitting individual containers into one lunch bag. Comes with an insulated bag in a variety of styles and colors. Buy from Lunchboxes for $32.99.
Sweat Free Ice Pack - Need an extra ice pack? Here is one that will keep your lunch cool and NOT soggy. Kids Konserve makes these usable covers from recycled plastic bottles. Also buy from Amazon for $11.00.

Cooler Bag – This new collection of stylish cooler bags from Igloo will soon be available in major retail stores. These Duo bags are insulated and leak-proof with a heat-sealed liner. They look more like high fashion satchels than lunch bags that can go from an urban setting to lunch in the park. Also notice that they come in different sizes in case you want to invite someone else to share lunch!! Check out their complete line at
Friendship Tote – This insulated lunch bag keeps your meal cool and your friends chillin’ with you as they sign or decorate your bag. Comes with a Sharpie Marker. Buy from CBHStudios for $17.99.
Lunch Pod – Not sure where you will eat your lunch everyday? No worries, with this insulated lunch bag and placemat in one you will know you will always have a clean place on which to set your lunch. Buy from CBHStudios for $17.99.
Glad Go To – Wonderful! Glad had an “aha” moment by creating a container that keeps the salad dressing separate from the salad. Gladware’s To Go containers are the standard Gladware containers but inside is a small cup that snaps onto the lid of these containers, keeping the dressing or dip sealed until ready to use. Love these! Available at any chain store and Amazon.






Remember to always pack a water bottle. In case you need any inspiration here check out our curated shopping guide for water bottles.

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