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Back to School - It's All About the Bag

It is that time of year again when all activities focus on preparing the kids to head back to school. We have already covered a SpendSmart Debit Card for teens and Dorm Room Art that uses Facebook and Twitter, so now let’s talk essentials: a good, practical but stylish bag for school. In the past we have reviewed some great bags that would work well for high school and college students too: the CARMAZZI 1Bag, Urban Junket Tote, U.S.E.D. Seatbelt bags, and Tilley’s Intrepid Bag. Still, here are a few more ideas that might help put a bounce in your kid’s step when returning back to school:

Drift Messenger Bag – Ice Red makes a strong, durable and waterproof bag that is also stylish for the young urbanite. Buy their Drift Messenger bag here for $55.00 to $65.00.
Rebagz Laptop Carrier – Made from recycled rice sacks with colorful graphics, these bags also have a padded insert with lots of pockets for all their school needs. Go to Rebagz to see all their styles and while there, check out their messenger bag statement pieces. $68.00.
Ducti Utility Messenger Bag – Ducti is known for their duct tape wallets (yes, really), but their cool messenger bag, made from used tarps, is just as catchy. Buy from Ducti and while there, do check out the original duct tape wallet. The messenger bag is $57.95.

Hadaki Backpack – Sure there are tons of backpacks out there but how many will make an actual statement? HADAKI carries a wide range of backpacks that are fun and have bright colors and patterns but are also efficient that can keep all your kid’s school supplies and laptop safely organized. While at HADAKI check out their whole collection of fun prints and stylish bags. $70.00.

Roots New Student Pack – I would not be able to properly call myself Canadian if I did not mention Roots. This sophisticated backpack is designed in Canada of 100% Italian tribe leather and only becomes softer and richer with age. I had one similar when I went to university and then used it 10 years later as my son’s diaper bag until, to my great sorrow, I had to “retire” it for the funky smell of sour milk (ewwww). Buy from Roots for $238.00 and while you are there check out their line of laptop and messenger bags also.
Built NY Laptop Sling – With an adjustable strap, this laptop sling keeps your laptop and basic essentials safe while it keeps your hands free (for riding a bike, carrying other books or holding hands with the new college beau). Buy directly for Builtny for $49.99.
Designer Laptop Sleeve -Express yourself with a choice of over 40 different designs on these laptop sleeves. From psychedelic peace signs to zebra prints, there is one for every personality. What do you want yours to say about you? Check out the choices at CoolComputerBags for $48.00.
Cargo Sleeve - BuiltNY has created a sleeve that protects laptops as well as having exterior pockets for electronic and laptop accessories. No more digging at the bottom of the bag for that wire or mouse. Buy from eBags for $31.99.
Po Campo Commuter Pannier – We have written about bike accessories for PoCampo before and now love their new attachable Loop Pannier, in designs for both men and women. Buy here for $125.00.
Bike Crate – Not quite a backpack, but for those who ride their bike to school, this bike crate updates the old fashioned bike rack and is very practical too, for carrying everything else from from grocery bags and stuff from all the other errands. Buy from the European website.


And for the little ones ….

The Old Fashioned Schoolbag - These bright schoolbags from SchoolBagsforKids are not only practical – with their horizontal design and organizer pockets – but they are good for society too: for every backpack purchased, another one is donated – with school supplies – to a child in need. Go to SchoolBagsforKids and order one your child for $54.99 and get a second one sent to a child in need for free (yes, like Toms shoes but for school!).
3D Backpacks – Just plain adorable. Need I really say more?  Buy from CBHStudio for $34.99.


Our next back-to-school post is all about supplies for lunches. Stay tuned!

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