Back to School: The Revolution of Education

Digital technology is not only changing the way we live and work, but also the way we learn. In the past several decades the educational realm has slowly been transformed by technological innovations.

Before, the classroom served as their stomping grounds—where students learned from teachers, facts were found in textbooks and homework assignments were listed on chalkboards. Today, smart boards have replaced chalkboards, facts are found on Google, and homework assignments are listed in an online portal. 

These advances in technology have not only altered the classroom, but improved it as well. Education is now personalized. With technology, students have a variety of learning tools at their fingertips, which allows them to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. Technology gives students immediate access to an abundance of information, which leads to learning at a quicker pace than before.

Remember the countless hours you spent in the library researching for your term paper? Students can now access online academic databases that provide all of the information a student needs to research an assignment or write a term paper in mere seconds. Collaboration with group projects has also been simplified. Basic assignments and larger group projects can be completed at home thanks to online portals and cloud sharing services.

Technology not only enhances the learning experience, it also alters the way information is presented to students. Lectures can be viewed remotely on the web, optimizing classroom time for group discussions and one-on-one interaction with students. This creates more time for engaging interactive, software-based learning strategies. Educational software empowers educators and inspires children to learn by providing a comprehensive and hands-on way of exploring key curriculum-based content.

“I think that technology has tremendously helped engage children in the classroom,” said Woodland Acres Elementary School teacher Jeremy Munn. “Kids today are more computer savvy and digitally oriented. They require a more stimulating learning experience, and interactive software has helped bridge that gap.”


Technology has definitely changed the educational realm; take a look just how much things have progressed from then to now:

Backpacks—ugh the frustration! Do you remember trying to stuff one bag with everything from books to binders, folders, paper, pens, pencils and highlighters—it was a difficult task. Now, it’s so easy for students to carry tablets from class to class, using them to seamlessly access textbooks or other course material as needed. Downloadable e-books allow students to have all their textbooks on one device. No more shoulder and back pain from lugging a heavy backpack around all day.

Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and other Office programs diminish the need for a pen, paper and whiteout. In the long run, this reduces your cost, as a parent, for what seems like a never-ending supply of pens and paper. For teachers, the frustration of not being able to read smudged or scribbled students’ handwriting is no longer an issue. These programs allow students to make their own digital flashcards, with legible and concise information straight from their teachers’ slides to study from for exams.

Online courses have revolutionized home education. Whether a student is accessing grade-school level coursework or college classes, the ability to complete an entire course online is changing the way education is delivered. Online courses allow students to complete schoolwork on their own schedule, day or night, and wherever they have access to the Internet. 

Parents also benefit from this influx of information. Now, most parents have access to their child’s school account that gives them up-to-date grades and status reports of their child’s performance in school. No more waiting until the report card or progress report comes out to find out if they doing well (like we did when we were kids!). Email gives parents direct access to their child’s teachers as well. You no longer have to wait for parent/teacher conferences to communicate with your child’s teacher.

 The educational realm is continuously progressing. With improvements in engagement methods, educational software and digital innovations, the children of today will have a brighter future tomorrow. Technology has sparked their curiosity and unleashed their willingness to learn. We can only imagine what the educational realm will be like in 30 years! 

This article brought to you by The Healthy Home Company.

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