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Basic H2 Cleaning Product Review + Giveaway

At SHHM, we love to make you and your families feel safe after leaving our blog. My post about Spring Cleaning got everyone saying, wow, that’s lovely but I don’t think I have the time to get all that done. And I really wanted to help, so I went in search of a product that was functional, do-it-all cleaning agent that will help mothers like myself tackle the everyday cleaning without breaking budgets or purchasing multiple cleaning products to get the job done.

If you have young children, and this product is super safe to have around the house. It is non-toxic and natural. It doesn't disperse toxic fumes, which is also beneficial for our environment. Most cleaning agents have toxic chemicals, which can be harmful if you breathe or swallow it. Many cleaning agents have an ingredient called morpholine, which can cause kidney and liver damage. Another example is that window cleaners often have ammonia, which can cause irritation to the eyes and skin.

Furniture, mirrors, windows, bathroom, living rooms, and other common entities of your home can be transformed into something clean, and beautiful with just a few simple changes and a new cleaning product at SHHM. Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate is perfect for getting your toilet bowl, furniture, mirrors and kitchen clean again.

I had the opportunity to try the Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate and the Get Clean Dishwasher Automatic Powder Concentrate. And notice the word concentrate, which means, these products can either be used in smaller quantities or diluted. The entire package comes with three extra containers that will help you organize and label your cleaning purposes. For instance, my extra containers came labeled as (i) Degreaser (ii) Windows and Mirrors (iii) All Purpose Cleaner.

***My Review***

Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate

The product is highly concentrated. You don't have to use a lot to get something clean. For example, for mirrors and windows you just have to add 1-2 drops of Basic H2 to 16 ounces of water. For other types of cleaning they suggest using ¼ teaspoon of Basic H2 with 16 ounces of water. This product does wonders. It can clean stains on carpets, debris on furniture and insect guts on windows. It gets rid of grease and grime. Basic H2 is biodegradable. Its main ingredients are corn and coconuts. The chemical is fragrance free so it won't stink up your home.

This little 16 oz bottle creates an unbelievable 48 gallons of super-safe, really powerful, all purpose cleaner, and could last you for months or even a year! There is a challenge up on the company’s website to use it up any time soon to clean everything from spilled milk, to bug guts on the window, to splattered spaghetti sauce. So go, get cleaning.

According to the website, 1 bottle of Basic H2equals the cleaning uses of 5,824 bottles of 26 oz. Windex®*

Basic H2® is all you need for thousands of household jobs

  • Ultraconcentrated – 16 ounces makes up to 48 gallons of super powerful cleaner when mixed with water.
  • Versatile and powerful cleaner – removes dirt, grease, and grime from any washable surface, inside and out. Dilute according to directions.
  • No rinse, no residue, streak-free formula.

Use on any washable surface – indoors or out

You can use basic H2 for household, personal, automotive, accessories and many other components that accumulate dirt. I use it on my Walls, Windows and Mirrors, Countertops, Floors, Appliances, Stoves, Sealed Woodwork, Pots and Pans, and Furniture. On top of these, this product is nontoxic, natural, and biodegradable. Here are some of the mixing directions I used.

For all-purpose cleaning:
Add 1/4 tsp. to 16 oz. of water.

For windows and mirrors:

Add 1-2 drops to 16 oz. of water.

For degreasing:

Add 1 1/2 tsp. to 16 oz. of water. For bigger jobs, add 2 oz. to 1 gallon of water.

Pricing: You will be surprised by how much this product actually cost. You can get the 16oz. bottle, just like the one I got for $12.15 retail price, or $10.35 member price. This by far surpasses any other organic cleaning product in the market today. It is cheap, it works and it is natural.

Get Clean Dishwasher Concentrate

With Dish Wash Automatic Concentrate you’ll never have to wash a dish before you put it in the dishwasher or use earth-adverse chemicals to get your dishes clean. This patented, super-concentrated formula lets you use just a little for a whole load of sparkling dishes. Here is what I found out about this awesome cleaning product.

  • The deep, enzyme-activated cleaning power gently removes tough stains, leaving dishes and glasses sparkling clean.
  • Super concentrated – cleans 48 loads – just 2 teaspoons in each dispenser cup (compare this to cascade dishwashing detergent, and see how much you should be saving)
  • No pre-rinsing needed – Removes dried on food and tough stains, so they don’t get stuck on.
  • Dissolves quickly and completely, getting to work straight away.
  • Absolutely no chlorine and no fragrances, which can pollute the air that you breathe.
  • Comes in a handy resealable pouch with measuring scoop

On top of all these, this dish washer detergent is natural, concentrated, biodegradable surfactants, contains no phosphates and no chlorine. Now, it doesn’t get better than that!

Pricing – The pricing will surprise you as well. They go for $9.50 as a member, and $11.50 as retail price. Now that is a good bang for your buck.

I have decided to stick to this chemical free, cheap and organic cleaning product, because, I honestly don’t know anywhere else I can get an organic cleaning agent for this cheap.

BUY IT – Visit the Shaklee Website to purchase any of their product, you will be glad you did.

WIN IT – You also have an opportunity to win a $30 Shaklee Gift Card, that could pretty much pay for everything, you also get FREE SHIPPING as well as a FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP ($19.95)…… You could pretty much start your own SAHM business from here. It’s a product that works, and I am giving it a 4.5star!

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