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The skin of newborn babies is very sensitive and delicate. To maintain the health and skin babies need to have extra care for their skin. A newborn baby doesn’t need to take a bath every day but they need to be clean and hygienic every single day. You need to wash your baby’s face, neck, hands, body, legs and diaper area. While you are washing your baby keep in mind that wash smoothly so that baby doesn’t get hurt.

For the first bath, you need someone experienced who can give baths to the baby. However, the nurse of the hospital will give the bathe for the first time and take instruction from them what are the rules you should follow while giving the bathe to your beloved baby. Always remember that when you are giving the bathe to your baby it should be playful and relaxed. Smile, talk and sings with your baby when giving bathe. The imperative thing is that you are holding the baby with your one hand while making the bathe. 

The temperature of the water is very crucial as I already have mentioned that babies’ skin is very sensitive. You need to keep the temperature of your water tank below 49 Celcius to prevent the burn of the skin. You also need to maintain the room temperature, about 22 Celcius to 27 Celcius. If you put any jewelry on your baby don’t forget to remove them before giving the bath as it can scratch the baby body. However, you can give the bathe to your baby in the baby bathtub, in the sink or in the basin. 

Keep the washcloth near where you are giving the bathe to your baby to dry off the baby immediately so baby doesn’t get clod. Use the best of baby washcloths to dry off the baby. You will find a lot of washcloths around the market which especially made for babies. After the bath wrap up the baby with towels properly so that the towel can soak up the wet properly. 

Never use any kind of soap to wash the eye of the baby. Moreover, you need to use warm water to wash the face of the baby. You can use a mild soap or baby shampoo to clean the hair. Try to avoid harmful soap or shampoo. Remember to rub the head very softly while cleaning the hair. Don’t hurry when you are making the bathe. Take time and do it properly.

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