Beauty Meets Affordable – Solitary Valentino Rings

It is no big secret that Valentino solitary rings are well-known and loved around the world. Best given on Valentine’s Day, this brilliant cut diamond ring is suitable for women of every taste and style. They can also be given as a worthy gift on just about any occasion, from an engagement to an anniversary and everything in between. The combination of beauty, elegance, and the luster is so enchanting that the ring will simply knock your partner’s socks off.

So, what makes solitary Valentino rings stand out?

Superb Setting

As a rule of thumb, the brilliant cut rock is meticulously mounted on a jaw setting. This way, you can rest assured that the centrally-placed stone will not slip off from the setup. That’s why solitary Valentino rings are stylish, simple, and elegant yet sturdy.

There’s a reason it’s also referred to as the Valentino Solitaire model. It is easily recognizable from the unique shape of the shank that joints the claw setting, where the rock is housed in the superbly designed spiral shape.

For an amateur eye, the stone might seem like a low-carat diamond because it looks like it’s “naked.” That’s actually what you want from your ideal ring: all attention on the central diamond. This creates a fascinating play of light between the diamond and the frame. And with nothing else in the point of view of the central diamond, a solitary Valentino ring is certainly a looker!

Great Choice

Solitary Valentino rings are available in 18-carat yellow gold, 18-carat white gold, 18-carat rose gold and 950 platinum. The carat weight ranges from 0.10 carats to 0.60 carats. Of course, you can’t expect anything less from such an incredible solitaire ring.

Color Gamut

Over the years, we have to expect nothing but crème de la crème when it comes to Valentino solitary rings. True to that, you can expect the color of the diamond to range from F to I, and the purity to span between VS1 and SI1.

Peace of Mind

Buying a Valentino ring is a huge investment. That’s why it pays to make sure that you are getting a bang for your hard-earned money. You’ll be glad to know that these solitary valentine diamond rings come with a certificate from an independent gemological laboratory.

Suitable for Every Lady

The solitary Valentino ring is especially suitable for all bold ladies who are stylish but love simple lines. It is poised to add some oomph and elegance to a deserving hand!

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