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Because Sometimes I Pretend Darya Is Still In My Belly

So Dear Darya.
You would notice I hardly blog or reply the comments when I am at home unless my little miss decides to tuck in early. But sometimes I get so tired that I would rather catch up on my sleep please. Heh heh *sway left to right and face plant on the keyboard, spilling the coffee all over*
Umi had been busy.  I am trying my bestest to master the art of time management, especially when your Aby is not around and how to juggle being a working mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister (and join the circus afterwards after mastering all those jugglings BA DUM TSSK!)  
We date a lot when your Aby is not around. I don't want to lock you up in the dungeon and then both of us bleed to death out of boredom. No matter how squirmy and restless you get, I still take you out. I would like to challenge the limit to my patience sometimes. -_-
I kid.
Nowadays, I hardly take the stroller along. 
1. You get bored halfway, demanded to be unbuckled out of the stroller amidst the crazy crowd and then scream and scream.
2. I ended up dragging the stroller while chasing after you.
3. Squirmy restless you + diaper bag + stroller + lethargic Mom = recipe to me becoming a MOMster.



the silky sarong. me no likey, me no understanding how this thing actually helps my back and shoulder.

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