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It’s now officially a month that I am blogging. Yes, a month. My first post , dated July 14th is titled “I Have an Addiction”. Little did I know then that post would start off a brand new addiction. Blogging.

I really do wish I had discovered “blogging” a decade or so ago. There are so many things I wish I could have preserved with words. Photos are great, as are videos. But nothing preserves an event or time better than your fresh thoughts, in words, on “paper”.

A post I read on Natural Mommy Loves Prada had me thinking about all the things I would have written about:

■The words my son mispronounced when he was younger:
■Osange instead of Orange
■P.U.S. instead of U.P.S
■Deem Mopot instead of Home Depot
■His name as Kyle Me-ann instead of Kyle Ian

■The 10 day road trip I took with just my dad, before I got married. Just the two of us. We explored Nevada, Arizona (my birthplace) and Utah. Winging the entire trip and talking about everything in the world.
■The big surprise party we threw my dad in my yard for his 60 3/4 birthday instead of the one we had originally planned for his 60th birthday. He had learned he had cancer two weeks before the original party and needed to begin chemo right away.
■The day my son was born and all that led up to it. Five years of fertility treatments, 8 IUI’s, multiple surgeries, 3 IVF’s.
■The story of the month it took me to get back home after my son was born., which I think I will write about some day anyway.
■The dog days and nights of a colicy baby as well as the other milestones and firsts of early motherhood.
■The many ups and downs of my marriage.
Those of you who have long been blogging are fortunate. You have this amazing diary of ups and downs. Of firsts and lasts, photos and fresh memories. No hazy memories for you. I am sure there are things I have long since forgotten that I would have loved to be able to reflect on again. Cute mispronunciations that have long since escaped my very peri-menopausal brain.

I envy you all.

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