How far along: 15 weeks exactly
Size of Baby: 4.5 inches, 2-3 oz
Countdown: 25 weeks left
Total weight gain/loss: Depends on the day (is this normal?). Some days I'm up 3-4 lbs, some days I'm down 1-2 lbs from my average weight.
Maternity Clothes?: Wearing XS Maternity shirts which are like regular S shirts, so no, not really.
Energy Levels: I feel like a new person. I can cook, clean, exercise, take baby girl out for a fun activity, all without getting dizzy or wanting to cry from exhaustion, MOST days. Every 3rd or 4th day, I crash from exhaustion. Three out of four good days as opposed to seven out of seven bad days from my 1st trimester is something I can deal with.
Exercise Habits: Everything!! Walking, hiking, swimming, cycling classes, yoga classes/DVDs, Zumba classes (with Heather!), elliptical, stationary bike at home, exercise DVDs, strength training, ab exercises, physical therapy exercises. I still maintain that walking up and down my stairs many, many times a day counts, too, especially since each time leaves me winded. I was able to keep up with my demanding work-out schedule and it feels good to push myself again.
Physical Therapy: I haven't gone to a session since May because of the pregnancy, but I'm starting a prenatal PT aquatics class and that will hopefully keep my hip pain to a minimum.
Sleeping?: If I don't take a nap, I fall asleep around midnight. If I take a nap, I can't fall asleep til 1 or 1:30 am. I usually wake up once a night.


Worst Moment This Week: I don't know if pregnancy exacerbates my emotions but I was really affected by the Aurora, CO shootings early Friday morning. Most of my friends have gone to see the movie this weekend, but the thought of going to any movie theater makes me sick to my stomach.  I can't read an article or watch a video about it with out crying. I am at a loss for words about what happened, but my heart goes out to the victims of this terrible tragedy. I know this is just a little blurb in an update about my pregnancy, and I hope this doesn't come across as trite, but this event shook me to my core, and I'm trying not to take my sweet husband, baby girl, or life for granted. Every breath is a blessing.


Best Moment This Week: Celebrating my husband's birthday and managing to get everything for it done on time while hauling a baby (or is 13 months considered toddler?) around. Honestly, I needed a Diet Coke in the middle of the day because I was about to crash-- first time since last year I had caffeine. It did the trick and the cake and dinner were made on time, and I feel good about that decision.
Isla's Reactions: Back to pounding my belly. This time it hurts. And she giggles. I am in the process of teaching her to be gentle, but she thinks I'm joking {???} This seems like it will be a long process.
Miss anything?: Sushi: I want it, I need it, I crave it. I might cave and go have some cooked rolls to keep this ravenous appetite at bay. I also miss my clothes fitting right. Vain? Yes, but, I'm okay with that.
Movement: I swear, I felt the baby tumbling around last week (at 13 weeks). I haven't felt it since, but it was definitely not indigestion. I know I'm not crazy.
Morning Sickness?: Mostly gone. I have some bad nights still and I'm always nauseous in the morning before I eat, but I'm not sick to my stomach anymore. Big improvement from last pregnancy. And last month.
Food Cravings: Sushi, plums, quesadillas, grapes, Cold Stone's Founder's Favorite (w/ almonds, not pecans), cheese, nectarines, apricots. I feel like this is a good mix of healthy and not-so-healthy. Plus, I'm so lazy that fresh fruit usually wins my mental should-I-or-shouldn't-I cravings war, anyway. Go somewhere, make something, or grab a plum from the fridge? Easiest decision ever.
Food Aversions: Chicken, mayo, pizza (thank goodness, since I can down quite a bit at a time. I really think I could out-eat Adam from Man vs. Food when I'm starving.)
Showing yet?: Well, I have a little belly that is left over from last time (oopsies on not doing any ab exercises ever), but baby is still several inches below my belly button and very deep inside my abdominal cavity (I still remember some things from my anatomy class last year, HA). Sometimes this worries me that something is wrong-- I feel like I should be showing more since almost all of my pregnant friends have a belly by this time. But when I go back and look at where my body was at from last pregnancy, I am doing the same thing again. I also have a long torso, so there's plenty of room for baby to hide.
Gender Prediction: I'm still semi-almost-pretty positive it's a girl.
Labor signs: No no no.
Moods: Doing so-so with the anxiety. Moods are mostly up during the day.
Not Looking Forward to: I am terrified of having a newborn while having a toddler. How am I going to survive?? I ask myself this question every day and have no answers so far. E is really encouraging and totally helps me feel better about it, though. I am almost done with a blog post about this very subject.
Looking Forward To: Finally getting an official baby bump, finding out the gender on August 28th.

2nd Trimester, I love you

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