Benefits of Piano for Kids [Bonus: Why The Piano Is A Good Choice For Kids?]

Everyone knows that musical instruments are good for kids in their growing stages. I believe the piano is the best instrument to introduce to kids because it challenges your brain in a new and exciting way.


It is my opinion that parents should expose their kids to music early on as it is great for development. Learning an instrument early forces your child to start to comprehend different notes and put things together in a fun way.

Why The Piano Is A Good Choice For Kids

Learning the piano as a kid is a good choice because it helps kids with development early on. Kids who learn how to play have improved fine motor skills because this instrument forces you to use both hands independently. This is a hard concept to grasp for kids, but once they start to catch on, it will get easier for them.

If you begin lessons for a child, this will help their self-esteem. It's a nice way to build their confidence up since they will have to complete tasks. I think this is great for kids because when they start to complete these tasks, they tend to feel really good about themselves. Instructors often reward kids with stickers or candy as they complete tasks as well.

Better Than Video Games

The piano forces your brain to work harder than video games do. The good thing about technology is that now your child can play games that are meant for music. You can find great games that provide music knowledge for your tablet or cellphones.

I've found that kids really enjoy these games as a lot of these apps allow you to play along to your favorite songs without missing a beat. This makes your child want to be able to do play them in real life. They might be frustrated at first since it's not as easy in real life. However, this can be used as a teaching and learning experience. Typically, the things you want in life are a little bit harder than others, learning to play piano songs is a good way to teach this lesson.

Keep Your Kids Motivated With The Piano

This is important as you can really influence how much your child practices. Make sure you don't overdo it. Try to make them look at playing the piano as just that. When you say the word "practice" it triggers a negatives response sometimes in your child's brain. You want them to associate music with fun.

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