Benefits of Using an Automatic Neighborhood  Garage Door Service

Automatic garage doors are made in different ways and therefore have their own unique security features. These could be from how they were manufactured or how the garage door company installed them. Whatever the case, there are some benefits that come with getting an automatic garage door from a neighborhood garage door service.

Mechanical Locks

When you use a manual garage door and wish to switch to an automatic, you will have to disengage the physical locks for an automation system to be fixed by your garage door company. If not done, the latches will still be engaged while the motor is trying to open the garage door and this might lead to damage.

But when you use the sectional garage door type, it wouldn’t be much of an issue as invaders cannot easily gain entry into your home with how secure the locking action of the motor on top of the door is.

There are about 2 or more mechanical locks at the bottom edges of a "One piece" up and over door, it actually offers more protection as compared to the way the motor is locked. But the flip side is that, when the automation system is on, you can still slightly pull the door at the bottom corners, thereby causing an amount of "flex" that  might be a problem. A burglar can easily open the garage door forcefully or even crawl from beneath without worries.

But when you add the de-latch kit, the mechanism of the motor activates the mechanical locks of this "one piece" door. Besides, the kit is actually simple to operate and is quite affordable.

David from Neighborhood Garage Door Service - a company that sells, repair and services garage doors - said that "the reason we advise clients to fit their automatic up and over door with a de-latching kit is because it keeps the garage door more secure than when you use only the operator. There's no need relying on the drive mechanism when mechanical lock will be of better use when it comes to security. "

Talking about security, feeding a wire or some sort of string instrument though the top corner of the garage door in order to locate where the emergency release system (manual override mechanism) is, has become one of the common ways by which burglars try to enter a house. Immediately the override is located and disengaged, it will be easy for them to open the garage door.

Professional neighborhood garage door service companies provide door systems that prevents this sort of security breach by installing carton features and even fitting every fixture by themselves to ensure it works perfectly.

Encryption and hand transmitter

In the past, the automation system used on garage doors was built on basic code technology. This made it easy for the door to be activated through the transmission of signals.

These garage doors pretty much used the same remote control but it was made in a way that you won't open the doors of other people in your neighborhood when you push the (open) button on yours. But the technology was too basic that thieves could easily replicate the code with the help of a hand transmitter, "David explained.

He said modern garage door companies use the the rolling code technology to eliminate or drastically limit the possibility of such breach. That's why they use more secure advanced models that incorporates digital encryption.

Types of roller garage doors :

Standard garage door service companies offer two types of roller garage doors; which are different from way traditional garage doors are built.

First is the the roller shutter garage door which curtain is made of lathe or different hinged slats that are assembled together to make up the entire door system. Many garage door companies offer this type of door because of its high security system. Some even have more advanced  features, like reinforced end plates, reinforced mechanical locks and so on.

The second type of door is the continuous curtain roller door. It's usually made of steel or any strong sheet of material. They are carefully designed for extra security and are good value for money.

Having some knowledge about the way your garage door is built is also important, as well as the certificate and specifications that show how safe the door is from break-in.

Different authorities recognize different designs as standard such as the LPS 1175, BS PAS 24, BB PAS 23, STS20. Some government law enforcement agencies have even come up with an initiative that recognizes all the designs and make sure they don't make burglary easy. The UK Police, for example, has a platform called the Secure By Design, where certificate that show standard and highly secure designs are made.

The summary of the many benefits that come with using an automatic neighborhood garage door is security and convenience, which makes them simply the ideal choice. Make sure to engage the services of trusted and experienced professionals who will ensure quick and easy installation of your preferred automatic garage door that fits your taste, needs and budget size.

It is advisable to first visit their showroom and take a look to see what might suit your home or personality. Like they say, safety first - so you need to get a garage door that will last you for a very long time to come.

With the recent and latest advancements in technology, thieves are looking for ways to stay ahead of the homeowners by using their hand transmitters to uncode the door and open it. Therefore ensure that your neighborhood garage door company can handle all the nitty gritty - from installation to maintenance and repairs. 

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