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Divine Theme

Trigger warning (see what I did there?) I'm about to go a bit Mama Bear in this post, so buckle up!

Despite decades of sustained declines in violent crime, my family’s safety continues to be the most important thing to me. Home invasions still occur, and you and I both need to be ready. For mothers who have been properly trained and licensed, a firearm represents the last line of defense between our families and violence. While ultimately a last resort, a firearm can be an important piece of a home security puzzle - and the ultimate equalizer and empowerer of otherwise vulnerable women. When deciding which firearm to purchase, there are many good options available.


Safety Basics

Before we dive in to which firearms work or which situations, let’s talk about the basics. If you’re going to store a firearm in your home, you need to balance two competing priorities: quick access and safe storage. IT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO HIDE THE WEAPON! Children, guests, or home-invaders can stumble upon the weapon without your knowledge and cause serious harm to themselves or others in the home. Ammunition and/or weapons must be properly secured!

I solve this problem with the MiniVault Deluxe GV2000C-DLX to store my handgun and one loaded magazine for my M&P Sport 15 AR (with red dot optic and mounted flashlight). My 9mm handgun (M&P Shield) and spare mag are stored on the bottom shelf when they’re not on my hip. The AR mag is always on the top shelf, and the rifle itself is in a quick-deploy hardshell gun case under the bed. The reason I like the MiniVault is because of the DC-adaptor (with 9v battery backup) and easy-to-remember keypad code. There’s no frigging around with a dial-lock or keys. It’s safe, it’s secure, and it’s fast.

One last thought on safety: muzzle awareness. If you are going to practice deployment of your firearm, make sure you NEVER point the weapon towards anything you don’t intend to kill. This is especially a concern for apartments that share walls with neighbors. Remember, you are responsible for every bullet you fire (on purpose or otherwise) until it stops moving. God forbid that a misfire pass through your bedroom wall and hit the nursery on the opposite side! It’s recommended you pick up a dryfire kit for practicing, so there is no risk of accidentally muzzling a husband, wife, neighbor, child, or pet.

Easy for Everyone

If inexperienced firearm users will be home alone, nothing beats the reliability and the ease-of-use of a revolver. Choices from Ruger or Smith & Wesson are solid choices which, on some models, can hold up to seven rounds. The ability to chamber .38 Specials also offers less recoil if anyone in your family is of a smaller stature. Other good options for smaller-stature people are a 20 gauge shotgun, including the Mossberg 500/590 and the Remington 870, or a semi-automatic pistol from one of many reliable brands including Glock, Beretta, HK, Kahr, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Taurus, and Walther.

More Motivation

For more advanced shooters, the deterrence of a 12 gauge shotgun comes not only in its devastating power, but also in the simple sound of the pump itself acting as a warning to any intruder. Other options include a semi-automatic rifle such as an AR-15, or a shotgun pistol such as the Taurus Judge or the Smith & Wesson Governor. All these options offer significant firepower giving you the added of peace of mind often necessary in today's unpredictable world.

Part of the Plan

While a firearm certainly offers a significant amount of protection against a home invasion, any firearm also needs to be just a part of a whole-home security solution, designed to deter, detect, and, lastly, destroy. Ample exterior lighting, as well as home security system signs can offer a deterrent to a potential intruder, limiting their secrecy and confidence in carrying out a home invasion. Additionally, components such as security cameras, and/or even a trained guard dog offer deterrence and detection of any threat which may be coming. Wireless security cameras can alert you early to home invaders, while also being easy to install and set-up, as well as being able to be monitored remotely 24/7. 

While no security plan is totally invincible, using multiple layers of protection, backed up by the power and safety of a quality firearm, can give mothers the peace of mind they seek, while also performing effectively in the event the unthinkable occurs.

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