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Those who are into fitness for long, understand the importance of pre-workout rules. It is something that prepares the body to perform at its full potential for the best aesthetic gains. The pre-workout routine is necessary to let the muscles move away from their comfort zone and get them activated just before you start doing your exercise. A relaxed muscle will never be able to lift heavy weights or perform high-intensity training at its full potential.

So, What are the Pre-workout Moves to Take?

Once you hit the gym, don’t start to lift the weights or the workouts that are in your schedule for the day. Just relax a bit. Take a deep breath and drink your pure black coffee (without sugar). Considered by many to be the best pre workout drink for women, drinking black coffee helps with your metabolism level. The presence of caffeine will help in better fat burning during your strength training program. Also, you will feel more energized.

Now, coming back to the scenario you need to face, post-drinking of the coffee. After drinking the coffee, get involved in some stretching exercises. Focus on individual muscle groups and stretch them slowly, but steadily. Take the help of your trainer or spotter to provide that extra bit of resistance. Do it for 5 minutes. Once the stretching part is done, do some breathing exercises. It is necessary to enhance the flow of energy through different body parts. It helps in stimulating the muscle groups, thus making them more active than ever. You need to do the breathing exercises for 5 minutes. Once done, take very light weights and do the exercise that you will be performing first, with your strength training program on the given day. Say, for example, you will be working out on your shoulder. So, definitely, the starting workout will be the compound exercise shoulder press using barbell or dumbbell. What you need to do is prior to starting the actual training, take very light weights and perform the workout for 1 straight minute. Next, take 30 seconds rest, and then, do some stretching for the shoulders, with the help of your trainer. Once done, you are ready for the actual strength training program.

Is there any Pre-workout Meal Plan to Follow?

Well, this is again an essential part of the workout routine. While in the gym, you took your coffee. Then, you were involved in the stretching, breathing and warm-up workouts that went for 15-20 minutes. The effect of the coffee will now start to work. Once you start your actual strength training, you will feel the energy. But, what about the fuel required to build muscle and provide you with more power? This is where your pre-workout meal plan will help. The meal should comprise of high carbohydrate, moderate protein and low-fat diet. It must be consumed 90-120 minutes before the workout session. Oats, eggs, bananas, nuts, berries and yogurt are great pre-workout foods.

If you want to achieve maximum gains from your workout session, you need to act correctly. Working out on an empty stomach will do more harm than any good. Never skip your pre-workout meal. Also, follow the exercise pattern for best warm-up. Trust me, you will be surprised with the aesthetic gains you will achieve in a couple of week’s time. 

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