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Best Self-Employed Career Choices for Stay-At-Home Moms

If you’re a stay-at-home mom and want to supplement your family budget a little, there are some self-employment options that mothers out there will love. You can find a variety of elf-employment career options in the beauty industry, which women generally love. From hair dressing part-time jobs for increased flexibility to other beauty-related jobs and even work-from-home jobs, women can choose from a variety of options.

Why Stay-At-Home Moms Should Seek a Career Path?

Once your children are not so dependant on them, women start to feel like their time spent at home is time wastefully spent. Besides, the living costs of a family are on a continuous rise. Some extra money wouldn’t hurt, would they? Some mothers think that getting a job or even becoming self-employed will only add to their stressful lives. While combining family and work isn’t the carefree lifestyle there could ever be, it’s far from what mothers generally imagine. So many mothers successfully mix their working lives with their family lives, it would be a shame not to take an opportunity of this kind. Besides, it has been proven that working moms tend to be happier than their stay-at-home counterparts. Below you will find a short list of jobs that working mothers seem to be amazing at.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant positions are the best for working mothers. They allow them to remain indoors and supervise their children, plus these jobs have a flexible schedule. Working remotely might be the one of the best jobs out there for mothers of very young children. Virtual assistants manage a variety of tasks, starting with social media account management to appointments and schedule planning.

You need some basic computer skills, you must be organized and communicate well to fit the position description for similar jobs. If you are highly trained in certain areas, you will also find a suitable position for you. For instance, is you have good social media and online marketing skills, you could find a VA job with a focus on those areas. A beginner VA could make somewhere between $15-$20 per hour, while experienced ones could make even $30+ per hour.  

Jobs in the Beauty Industry

You can always find a variety of jobs in the beauty industry which will help you round up your family income. However, you have to have some certifications for those. Hairdressing jobs are highly appreciated by stay-at-home mothers that want to re-enter the workforce. Besides all the necessary certifications and training that you will need to work in the beauty industry, you will also need a self employed liability insurance policy. If you get a policy of this kind, you will be covered in case of accidental injury to you or your clients. It’s always a great idea to be covered in such circumstances, especially when you’re working with the public.  

Online Teacher or Tutor

If you previously worked as a teacher or tutor, you could re-enter the industry, but remotely. Remote online teachers and tutors are a popular choice nowadays because they offer high levels of flexibility and convenience. Generally, if you want to seek a similar career path, you need a college degree and at least a year of experience as a teacher or tutor. You will also need a valid certificate as a tutor or teacher.

You could list your services online on various platforms or even get in touch with a company that specialises in tutoring services. If you want higher schedule flexibility levels, choose the first option. However, you should know that this option won’t offer you the same income stability as the second one. Some online tutoring jobs can pay as much as $40 per 40-minute sessions.  

Start an E-commerce Business

Online shops have increased in popularity once smartphone became widely accessible. And luckily for stay-at-home moms that want to contribute financially in their households, this can be a smart career move. Getting an online shop up and running might need some time and efforts, but in the end, it’s will help you and your family gain a higher income. Nonetheless, there is also the option of a drop shipping business. This way, you won’t have to store everything in your home or rent a storage unit. You simply have to order the products selected by your customers from a wholesaler and ship them to your clients through a third-party. Pick a niche that seems to have success in your area. Conduct a market research, if necessary.


If you’re good with words and have some great spelling abilities, you could offer your services online. Proof-reading services have increased in popularity. Sometimes, these experts can make more than $20 per hour. This type of job is perfect for mothers with no qualifications or experience that want to make some extra money. Luckily for you, you will only have to demonstrate your ability to spot and correct spelling mistakes. In the era when quality content is highly important for all businesses, experts like yourself are necessary. 

Self-Employed Graphic Designer

Graphic content is very important online, and more and more companies search for experts to improve their image. If you know how to operate and have access to a graphic design software, this is one of the best jobs to operate form home and make some beautiful money. You can design everything from flyers to posters, magazines and ads, and most importantly, online visual elements. Upwork is an amazing place where you could start searching for graphic design jobs. Most importantly, graphic design jobs are well-paid.

These are some of the best self-employed career options that stay-at-home mothers could attempt once their children don’t depend on them as much. Some will require you to get out of your home and interact with people, but for many stay-at-home mothers, this can only be good news. Above all, these jobs will help you contribute to your family’s monthly income and achieve a more comfortable living standard. Choose what job seems to suit you best and get to work!

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