Better Health Through the Holidays & Beyond


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We hosted Thanksgiving at our house for the first time and it was amazing.  My mother in law is a wonderful cook and she did all of the cooking, Praise God !!! I'm very thankful for her and how she loves our family.

I want to share with you all a few items I used and tried to keep my family and  I  healthy through the holidays and beyond;

Cultured Liquid Pickle Boosts 

  BAO Food and Drink Liquid Pickle Boosts offer the bold and complex flavor of fermentation coupled with the probiotic power of lactobacillus. Drink this unique shot to restore balance and energy to your day. Each Liquid Pickle Boost shot is made with the 7000-year old method of lacto-fermentation and organic green tea.

Six unique boosts are available, including Turmeric (a blend of organic turmeric & organic dandelion root), Green (made with organic chlorella & spirulina algae), Red Ginger (featuring vitamin C from organic hibiscus & antioxidant properties of ginger), Deep Purple (with organic elderberry and organic licorice root), Hot Shot (with spice & antioxidant properties of chili peppers), and Beet (includes the flavor and antioxidant properties of red beets).

I've been using the Cultured Liquid Pickle Boosts and the benefits are amazing! Around three o'clock each day I get tired therefore I drink a Cultured Liquid Pickle Boosts and my energy is restored. You can learn more about Cultured Liquid Pickle Boosts here!


Don't count sheep... find the beat. The beat of your circadian rhythm, that is. RestoreZ is unlike any other sleep aid on the market today. This is not a sleeping pill that simply knocks you out nor is it a one-size-fits-all solution. RestoreZ works to address your unique sleep concerns with four formulas each customized with natural ingredients that balance your circadian rhythm - or the waking and sleeping patterns we follow on a daily basis - back into sync. Each patented formula offers natural ingredients that give your body the nutrients it needs to achieve full, healthy, regenerative and restorative sleep. Formulas include Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep, Deep Asleep and Power Nap.  You may learn more about RestoreZ   here!


Element Tea – Anxiety Release

Connecting soul to nature one cup of tea at a time! Delightful and delicious, Element Teas came out of a passion for what mother nature is capable of, and how powerful our own bodies really are! A mix of fire, earth, air, and water, each blend is uniquely made with a passion to grow the understanding that Nature has all we will ever need. Element Tea was created by an NTP to help with typical ailments we see day to day: hormone imbalance, adrenal dysfunction, stomach upset, and feeling "under the weather." Indulge in 5 proprietary blends, including Anxiety Release, Tummy Tonic, Hormone Balance, Golden Sunrise, and Herbal Coffee. You can learn more about Element Tea here!


Dr. Loo’s Harmony Patches

Natural and effective, Dr. Loo’s Harmony Patches are a line of safe, long-lasting skin patches that treat common symptoms for coughs, colds, reflux, gas, heartburn/abdominal discomfort, and itchy rashes. The patches are made in America in an FDA-approved facility using USDA organic ingredients including Ginger, Chamomile, and Fennel. The patches gradually release active ingredients across the skin via a diffusion process providing hours of continuous relief of symptoms (between 8-12 hours vs. most oral remedies which must be administered several times a day). The patches are easily applied like a sticker to strategic areas for optimal relief. Application on the chest provides relief for a cough, and specific areas on the abdomen provide relief for gastrointestinal symptoms. The water-based adhesive has NO silicone, latex, rubber, or acrylic. Harmony Patches are available for Infants, Children, Adult 8+ and Mature Adults 50+.  These Dr.Loo's Harmony Patches work well! I had a cold a few weeks ago and used these patches and they helped me feel better. You can learn more about Dr. Loo's Harmony Patches here!


Olbas Herbal Remedies

Keep the entire family healthy during cold & flu season with Olbas Herbal Remedies! Whether suffering through seasonal allergies or the common cold, the Olbas Aromatherapy Inhaler helps children & adults breathe easier with the pocket-sized, portable, all-natural inhaler. Or, soothe stuffy sinuses with just a simple drop of Olbas Aromatherapy Oil on a tissue to help everyone breathe a little easier! The essential oils in Olbas are extracted from the traditional medicinal plants of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Cajuput, Wintergreen, Juniper Berry and Clove.

Please check out the all-natural Olbas Inhaler, Olbas Oil, Olbas Pastilles, and Olbas Lozenges to help remedy allergies, coughs, and colds. I use the Olbas inhaler regularly, it helps with my nasal congestion. You can learn more about Olbas Herbal Remedies here!


iHealth Infrared No-Touch Thermometer

Brand new to market, the iHealth Infrared No-Touch Thermometer is the newest innovation in medical technology! No need to wake the baby (or your partner!) - just hold, aim and press... and a simple vibration lets you know it is done. With advanced no-touch infrared technology, you get an immediate reading using the iHealth Thermometer without having to place it under your tongue, place it in your ear, or rub it across your forehead to gain an accurate reading. Plus, you get your temperature instantly, as results are ready in just one second. It also features a backlight for nighttime reading so you can see it clearly even in total darkness. For parents of little ones, the iHealth Thermometer is a game-changer!

My favorite thermometer ever! I love that its No Touch, and also I don't have to buy those ear protectors anymore. Do yourself a favor and get an iHealth Infrared No-Toch Thermometer her!


Safe Home Drinking Water Test Kits

Testing your home's water could be the single most important thing you do to protect your family's health.  Safe Home and Safe Home Pro EnviroTestKits from Environmental Laboratories, Inc. (ELI), one of North America’s largest EPA Certified Laboratories for testing drinking water, provides several testing options in three easy steps.  Upon receiving the results, you're empowered to make appropriate decisions - for instance, installing a water treatment or filtration system or disinfecting your good system, among other solutions.  Contaminated drinking water can literally shorten your lifespan by years! This is one safety precaution every household in America should take seriously.

Testing your water at home will give you a total peace of mind, I'm so happy our drinking water is safe. You can learn more about the Safe Home Drinking water Test Kits here!  

Audio First Aid Kit in English or Spanish

Protect yourself and your family when an accident or emergency occurs at home or anywhere you go with this innovative audio first aid kit. North American Rescue now offers a comprehensive kit (with audio instruction) to help immediately treat bleeding injuries with confidence until professionals arrive. The Audio Bleeding Control Kit offers education and support for public and home health and safety by providing proven, effective tools paired with simple guidance and are the only bleeding control kits on the market with built-in audio hardware that provides step-by-step assistance in easy-to-understand audio prompts combined with the critical equipment and supplies to manage minor, moderate, and severe bleeding safely and are available in both English and Spanish.

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