My mom was a full-time worker and most of the time she had to work more than her work time. She was doing very good in her job, taken all necessary training and always stayed at the top of her colleagues. When I was 7 months old my mom had to go to Khulna from Dhaka for a 6 months long training. When she returned, I forgot her.

My mom is a short-tempered person. She has high blood pressure. She has gone through several surgeries. But she holds and keeps up our family including my dad's family and her parent's family. I told you she worked really hard for income, then at home to raise 5 kids. She has taken care of our education and also ran everywhere for our extra curriculum activities. My dad liked the food and she uses to make different kinds of food. She was the one who worked with the labours to build our 5 storied building. Still, she is maintaining the house and taking care of all tenants. She did all at the same time.

I love and respect my mom. But I always keep some distance. As I mentioned earlier she was short-tempered. When she gets angry she screams and uses her hand like all Bangladeshi moms. I'm the one who suffered most of the time. Because I wasn't good in (Comparing to my other siblings) education, I didn't like to read, I liked to run and drop things. One day I escaped from our house with my sister and went to my uncle's house. My dad once told me, "why don't you run away when your mom started hitting you?" I respect her. Another day she was scolding me and my son was 3/4 years old. He loves both, so he pushed granny outside the room and lock the door. Then told me not to go outside now.

I know, most of the Bangladeshi mom raises their kid this way, this is their way of parenting. But for me, this situation made a big gap between me and my mom. I never went to her on any issue like other girls do (And they should). I didn't tell her when my menopause started, I didn't tell her when someone tried to abuse me, I didn't tell anything that happened in my school, dancing or singing classes. I was all by myself. Still, I am.

I talk with my mom but don't try to continue more than 5 minutes. I know after that we will start arguing. My son loves his granma. She uses to bought him potato chips (Because I didn't want to give him). Even now she asked me to buy chips for him.

My mom is a very hard working woman. She helped every single relative who needed it. she takes care of all of us. Still she works more than me. I wish I could do something for her to make her life a little easier.

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