In my childhood, I spend most of my time running, jumping and climbing. It was difficult for me to sit or walk. I didn't want to waste my time by taking care of myself. So, elders faced so much trouble to make me take a bath, comb my hair or any other personal care. Taking lotion or cream stayed far away. Then I faced the consequences. Some skin problems started on my leg, below my knee. It looked really bad. People can easily notice as I use to wear frocks. My mom noticed and put some medicine on it. It recovered, without keeping any mark on my skin.

But it took a while to recover. During that time, kids, kind of banned me in the playground. They played with my older sister. One day I was standing at the side, while other kids were playing. They directly told me, we won't play with you because of your problem. Then a little girl, named Lucky came to me and hold my hand. His brother was also there with other kids and my sister. He told her, "What are you doing? Can't you see her condition?" Lucky looked at me and said, "It's OK. I will play with you. Let's go!" I smiled and run with her to another place and we started playing. After that, we became a very good friend. We had a small group of 3/4 years old kids.

But my luck was always the same. Nobody stayed in my life. On those days we use to live at South Komlapur, Dhaka. Lucky's brother's name was Russel (Probably). They moved to some other place and I have lost my best friend forever. Still, whenever I feel alone, in my mind I hold my little friend's hand and say, let's play.

Later I have started work in offices. Most of the day I had to stay in a room with an Air Condition. That makes the room a little dry. So, again I have faced skin problems on legs. This time I went to a skin specialist. They told me, my skin is dry. So, the whole year, I have to put lotion on my skin. Every time I wash my legs or take a bath, I have to put lotion, otherwise, it will create problems. I have followed the doctor's recommendation and my skin problem was gone.

When I have decided to live in Canada, I knew I will again face problems with my dry skin. And yes, I did. Now after every 6 hours, I try to put lotion on my skin. To make things better, planning to move to British Columbia. Where I will get rainy weather. So, I am assuming that will be good for me.

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