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 From my childhood, I have always heard that my hair is black, silky, gorgeous.

This is what a Bangladeshi girl wished to have. Then the beauty parlour era came. Then girls started trying different colours in their hair.

I never tried any colour on my hair. I like my hair colour. Even now when it is started becoming white/gray. Sometimes I put henna on my hair (The last time I did, about a year ago). This is for the health of the hair and also makes my hair colour more elegant.

When I was in Saudi Arabia, people use to touch my hair whenever they get the chance. They use to tell my mom, "All Bangladeshi girls have this type of nice hair?". Because they have seen my mom and her friend. Both have nice black long hair.

When I was in school one day one of my classmates started rating who has the most black hair. She started her counting from 1. Some other girls also join her. I kept listening. I thought maybe my number will come from 2 to 4. But they went to rank 7 but didn't say my name. I couldn't hold myself anymore. I said, "Maybe my hair is burning in the sun too much. That's why I'm not getting good colour." She looked at me with a big surprise. "You have the best and most black colour. That's why we are not even considering counting your one."

Oh, that was a relief.

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