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Biography 110: My last dance performance on stage

 When I was in grade 5 in a new school, my classmates knew that I am learning dancing. I think I had danced and sung songs in the class. I heard they use to say, I way I walk, move or sit is very nice because I am a dancer. I don't think so. It's something that I am.

In our school we had a teacher, we used to call her "Dolly Apa". She liked to do extra curriculum activities with the students and students liked her very much. She was the most popular teacher in our school during her time. When she took her class she use to draw lots of pictures on the board. Students like that too.

This teacher wanted to do a cultural program. I went there to participate as a dancer. She thought I am too little to perform alone so she put a senior student to teach me and give another girl to perform with me. I have no problem.

The senior student understood that I can dance better, so in the performance, she put me at the front. After a couple of days of rehearsal, we performed in front of the teacher to get approval. But I felt she was not concentrating on our performance and I don't know what happen finally the total program was cancelled and the teacher went to the boy's school. We had a boys' school right beside our school.

Then time passed, I grow a little bit. My mom decided, now I better stop dancing because I didn't want to take it as a profession. She put me in singing classes. But I use to dance at home whenever I am in a mood.

When I reached grade 8, our class got the opportunity to provide a farewell program to the senior students of grade 10, who are going to leave the school and join college (That's Bangladeshi study style). Our class teacher was responsible to arrange the program. I went to her and said, I will dance. She had a little doubt about me and she already selected another senior girl. But she said, ok show me something.

I danced in front of a bunch of girls and no one moved during my performance. She said, I already took another girl, but I like your style. Then she looked at another girl and said, will you step back and let her dance. The other girl said, yes mom, let her dance.

Then the teacher took the music from the other girl on which the girl was going to perform and gave it to me. And said dance with this music. The teacher also asked me what are you going to wear? I replied, Saari. She said you are too little to wear a Saari. Wear something else, like a beautiful frock. I didn't like the idea. The other girl said, she has a beautiful dress like an angel, she can lend me the dress. I said, NO.

At home, my mom told me, go to your room, shut down the door and choreography your own way with this music. I did.

On the program day, I went by wearing a Saary. My teacher looked at me. We used to call her Ferdousi Apa. She told me, your body isn't ready to wear a salary. You are not grown up yet.

Before the program started, the teacher asked me to go to the mike and announce that the program is going to start. I never talk in front of a mike before, I got scared. But she gave me suggestions about what can I say. I asked her to write it down to me, but she didn't have anything in her hand to writing. So, she said, just go and announce. 

I stood up in front of the mike, girls were chatting with each other. The moment I started talking everybody stopped and looked at me. I understood that day, maybe I have a very good voice.

Later my performance time came. I performed with my whole heart, I went into my performance. The whole school became silent and watched my performance.

After the performance, many people said many good words to me. One was, "I have never seen such an amazing performance before, you just touched everyone's soul"

You know what, that was my last stage performance. And I heard our teacher is no more.

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