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 Chhobi, she was one year senior in school. We use to go to school together. Many people thought we were sisters. Because she was a tall girl, 5'7" and my height on those days was 5'4" (Now 5'5"). Our skin colour is dark brown and both of us liked to read books (Not academic books).

Most of the time I have seen her collect the book of "Sheba Prokashoni". My choice is always with varieties Sharat Chandra, Sattyajeet Roy, Humayun Ahmed etc. I even like comic books like "Nonte aar Fonte".

I use to go to her home to collect storybooks. At her home, she had a huge book collection. Probably her brother made that. I use to bring 6 to 10 books at a time. Read them as soon as possible, returned them and again brought some more. One day my mom stopped me. She thought I am going to fail in school or something like that. She asked me to return everything and never bring any book again. I didn't. At least from her home. But I had collected from other places in small numbers so that my mom won't notice. That worked.

Her home and my home were very close. She use to come to our home then we together took a rickshaw to go to the school. Sometimes, if I became a little late she had to wait in our living room. My dad use to be very angry with me. He said, "She is senior to you and you are making her waiting." Well, I didn't do it intentionally. When I got ready early I use to go to her home and wait and again we together took a rickshaw. I think in the morning I use to pay and on the way back home she use to pay to the ricksha puller.

The best time we had together is on the rickshaw. We use to talk. About so many things. But not about the school. We had a beautiful different tiny world together. Like which road is high from the ground in Dhaka city. In the Olympic game welcome ceremony who wear the beautiful dress. Most of the time we had different opinions and we use to debate (Never fight) on it.

When I was in grade 5, our classes use to finish 30 minutes earlier than the rest of the school. I had to wait 30 minutes for her. But I was never bored. I use to play in the school and utilized the time. When she left, I became alone in my school journey for one year.

After her school, she uses to buy pickles of "Chalta"/Elephant Apple every single day. I liked to have the variety in food. She always offered me the pickles and once or twice I have taken them from her.

One day we were coming back from school and she was enjoying her pickles as usual. We were on the rickshaw. There were two boys in a different rickshaw were on the road. Both rickshaws were going side by side in the same way. One of the boys started talking asking pickles from Chhobi. "Hey, it's not good eating alone. Share with us, please give me some of it, why are you so rude..."

I didn't like their disturbances, but didn't say anything or react. I looked at Chhobi. She had no reaction in her face, just enjoying the pickles as she always does.  I was surprised, I keep looking at her, is she listening or not! Her poker face has no sign of reaction. The boys kept continuing their verbal attacks.

Chhobi finished her pickles, which were on a white paper. Some pickles juices were on the paper left. Suddenly she spread her hand outside and said," Nen, khaan"(Grab and eat). Both rickshaws were moving forward. Our one was a little forward than theirs at that moment. The paper with juices fly away and drop on the boys (Who were talking) white shirt. The juice colour was on his shirt. Everything happened in a moment.

The boy was surprised and screamed, What! Does anyone do like that! Our rickshaw puller understood the situation. He pulled the rickshaw as fast a possible and we were somehow flown to our home. I laughed out high. She kept her face the same. She said to me, "Why are you laughing so much. He wanted some and I gave him."

Oh, she was such a funny girl. I went to her home when her father died. It was a very sad moment. We didn't talk much. The last time I met her was in our area. We were walking on the road. In those days, I think she got married and started living in Narayanganj. She has already become a doctor. She said she is going to get training on Altra sound.

Now we don't have any contact. I wish I could find her on Facebook. At list a tiny relation I want to keep with her. I don't like to lose good people in my life.

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