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Earlier, people use to think, if you cut (I mean totally bald) your hair frequently, that will make your hair grow more and strong. So, in my childhood, my mom uses to cut me and my older sister's hair many times. But, as I told you earlier, I wasn't the girl who can sit down for some moments without moving a bit. In this condition, it wasn't easy to cut my hair. So, the only chance my mom had is when I fall asleep. But that was also very rare for my condition. So, whenever I fall asleep, she shaved my hair. Most of the time I woke up in the middle of her work. So, she couldn't complete her work. Then I play around my neighbourhood with half hair on my head. People laughed at me. Who cares? Later whenever she got a chance to shave the full head, she finished her work.

From my 5/6 years of age, my mom uses to give me Chinese style hair cut. I assume it was easy to do. I have started growing my hair at 8/9 years of age and after every 1/2 years, I use to trim my hair. That day my older sister was my hairdresser. I had cut my hair in a hair salon at the age of 29/30. I just wanted to make my long hair short. The girls at the hair salon didn't want to do that. They asked me, "Why are you cutting your all long hair? Did you ask your husband first? Let us cut a little bit, then decide later what you want to do". Finally, they said, they want to keep my hair for their training purpose. I said, Ok, no problem.

After 5 years of arriving in Canada, I have cut my hair short by myself. I could not give it a good shape by myself. I just wanted to distract myself. Anyway, it doesn't matter how it looks. It matters how I feel and I felt better.

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