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 When I was in school, sometimes I heard in another class someone stole something. But it never happened in my class. I mean we were not used to this situation. In high school (In Bangladesh, it's called college) this was very normal. Especially people stole the practical worksheet. In Geography we had to do real hard work on those sheets and you don't want to lose it.

I haven't lost anything, I wasn't a good student, so the thief never felt any interest in me. I am very happy about that.

I remember in a practical exam of geography we were sitting in our class and working on sheets, in between our work, the teacher was calling our names one by one and that one person stopped her work and go to the teacher. Then the teacher asked viva questions and listen to the student's answers. When the student is done she came back to her seat and started her work again.

A girl, Tinni (In those days I didn't know her name) sat beside me. When she returned from her viva exam, she asked, did you see the TK20 in my pencil box. I was surprised, I was very busy with my work, I even didn't look at her desk. I said no, I didn't notice. I was very worried, that she might be thinking I stole her money. 

Tinni understood my situation and said, no worries, I knew it wasn't you. Maybe the other girl, who sat on the other side of me. Later I heard that another girl spends all her days going from one tuition to another and she has tons of boyfriends, she needs extra money for that and she stills from girls. I don't know how true that information was, but in those days I believed that. I became very careful with her.

Later, Tinni became my University classmate. Now she is living in Australia.

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