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Biography 21: A common question to make fun

 I don't remember when I went to Saudi Arabia. My mom uses to do a government job in Saudi, so she had got a visa to take us (I and my older sister) to her. A black man was working in the airport. He helped us with our luggage. In the end, he pointed to me and ask my mom, "Can I marry your daughter?" My mom said, "NO". He was disheartened and said, "Is it because my skin is black?" My mom understood she shouldn't be so direct. She replied, "No no, we are also black. My daughter is too little to think about marriage". Just to inform you, my age was 3+. 

Later my mom understood, this is a common fun dialogue for everybody. Doesn't matter what is your or the other person's age, whether the man is married or not. Whenever they see a girl, will propose. It happened with my 1-year-old sister too. We started taking offers nicely.

This is cultural differentiation. When you don't know enough about the culture, just looking at it once you might get the totally wrong impression.

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