We have got an invitation to join a marriage ceremony in Alkaseem (Saudi Arabia). My mother and 3 sisters went there. My mom later told me, she had seen, all expenses had taken care of by the groom. They send all foods and even the mat to sit the invited guests including the bride's expenses. That's why before marriage the groom has to save a lot of money. This situation makes a man a little older in Saudi Arabia get married. That's why some boys go to Egypt to get married because Egyptian girls don't have that much demand or to get married at a low cost.

I wasn't that older to understand these things. I remember a part of that party. It was a night party. In the wedding house, there were two yards for men and women. We took a seat at the girl's yard. There were no boys inside that yard. It was surrounded by a 1 or 2 storied building. In the middle, there was an open space. The girls who had long black hair stood up and let their hair open. These girls were very looking very beautiful. Then they start dancing. That's their traditional dance. In my eyes, they were taking their hair from one side to another. That's it. My mom has long hair too. Mom said, they let her hair open and ask her to join the dance. She felt shy, couldn't join them.

Then something happened. I saw girls fall down, actually, they hide behind all other girls. Some older woman stood up and told to let go of those boys first, who are sitted at the top of the buildings to watch the dance (Girls). I believe there were 13-17 old boys. When older woman shouted and some may go upstairs to bring them down. They went away. They were laughing.

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